Detroit Lions to raise ticket prices for 2023

If you are wanting to watch a Detroit Lions home game at Ford Field in 2023, you had better be ready to shell out a little extra cash for your tickets. During a recent interview with the Detroit Free Press, Lions team president Rod Wood said that Lions' ticket prices would be going up in 2023.

Rod Wood Detroit Lions

Key Points:

  • Ticket prices for Detroit Lions home games at Ford Field will be going up in 2023.
  • The Lions had an early renewal during the season, resulting in an average 4% increase in ticket prices, with some areas seeing a slightly higher increase.
  • The team lowered prices for some areas in 2018, resulting in an overall 4% decrease in prices.
  • The COVID pandemic and team performance impacted attendance in 2021, leading to light attendance.
  • The Lions are waiting to see final demand before setting prices, but expect them to be back at 2018 pricing, or slightly higher for new season tickets.

Rod Wood says Detroit Lions ticket prices will go up in 2023

Wood was asked about Detroit Lions ticket prices potentially increasing in 2023, and he had the following response:

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“Yeah, we did, with the early renewal — we had an early renewal during the season, it worked out to like a 4% on average (increase). Some were up a little more, some were flat, and then with the new season tickets that we’re selling now, people are just putting deposits down. We haven’t even decided what the price is going to be. It’s probably going to be even a little bit higher than 4%. We’re kind of waiting to see what the final demand comes in at.

“But really, across the whole stadium we lowered prices after ’18. I don’t know how much of that ever got out, but what we did was we took some areas that were tougher to sell and we lowered those prices, and so when you put the whole aggregate in, it was down about 4%. So that 4% increase just got us back to 2018 pricing. And then you had the COVID year and coming out of COVID, we had pretty light attendance. I think team performance and COVID (impacted attendance in) 2021. So 2022 I think is like the first year that you can kind of go back and compare to like 2018, so now ’23 we’re going back to the 2018 pricing, maybe a little bit higher for the new season tickets.”

Bottom Line: Be ready to pay up to go to a Detroit Lions game

This should not come as much of a surprise to anyone as the NFL is a business, and you can bet Rod Wood was seeing dollar signs as the Detroit Lions finished the 2022 regular season by winning eight of their final ten games. According to Wood's comments, he is waiting to see what the final demand comes in at, before setting Lions' ticket prices for 2023, but you can bet that will be high as many are expecting the Lions to win the NFC North this coming season.

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