Detroit Lions to release safety C.J. Moore

According to a report from Jeremy Fowler of ESPN, the Detroit Lions have made the decision to cut safety, C.J. Moore.

The Detroit Lions now have less than three hours to trim their roster down to 53 players and they have reportedly made a decision on safety, C.J. Moore.

According to a report from Jeremy Fowler of ESPN, the Lions are planning to release Moore prior to Tuesday's deadline.

As noted by Fowler, if Moore is not claimed off waivers, the Lions are expected to move him to the injured reserve list.

Dan Campbell hinted that the Lions will have to cut players such as C.J. Moore

Following the Detroit Lions final preseason game of the year, head coach Dan Campbell spoke to reporters and he said they would end up moving on from players who they depended on in 2021.

“I mean, it’s a lot more difficult than even last year,” Campbell said. “It was tough last year, but this year, we are so much farther along. And it’s a credit to (general manager) Brad (Holmes), because our talent level is better, and the competition is better, and I’ll just say it again, the better the competition, the better the players rise to that occasion.”

“We’re going to probably have to let go of some players that were here all last year that we depended on, did everything we asked them to do and produced for us last year,” he said. “But that’s the sign of progress too.”

“There are a number of these guys that we’re going to have to move on from that we would love to have back in this building, that they didn’t quite make the 53, but we’ve had a lot of time invested in them and with them and we know what they’re about and we understand the growth,” Campbell said. ” And there is a comfort level to some of those guys. You bring them back, (and) if something does happen, you feel like they’re plug-and-play.”

Nation, do you think the Detroit Lions made the right move to release C.J. Moore?


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