Could Detroit Lions trade for Texans’ EDGE Jadeveon Clowney?

A few days ago, reports surfaced that it is ‘unlikely’ that the Houston Texans give EDGE Jadeveon Clowney the contract extension he desires. If a deal is not worked out by Monday, Clowney has said he will sit out training camp.

Whenever a player of Clowney’s ability becomes ‘available’, which Clowney may or may not be, the question always arises whether or not the Detroit Lions should make an offer.

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Jeff Risdon of Lions Wire published a piece on Friday where he looks at what it would take for the Lions to obtain Clowney via a trade. Risdon calls Clowney a ‘perfect fit’ for Matt Patricia’s defense but adds the chances of the Lions making a trade is unlikely.

Clowney would not come cheap, either in terms of compensation or a new contract. His next contract figures to dwarf Trey Flowers’ $90 million deal with the Lions from a few months ago. The Texans would almost certainly demand next year’s first-round pick and more. They’re still desperate on the offensive line, so Rick Wagner’s large contract could be something they desire; Wagner would instantly become the best OL the Texans have had in several seasons.

The Lions could conceivably pull that off. It would not be easy. It would also turn the defensive front into an absolute monster and allow Patricia to do pretty much anything he wants with his defense.

Do I expect Clowney to be comin’ to Detroit? No. My guesstimate of the odds of it happening is less than 2 percent. But sometimes it’s fun to think about the possibility of what would be an amazing Lions defense and how expertly it would fit coach Patricia’s vision.

Nation, if you could make this deal for Clowney, would you pull the trigger? Or is the price to high?

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