Detroit Lions urged to trade for former 1,200-yard receiver

An insider has suggested the Detroit Lions trade for a wide receiver

As the dust settles on the 2024 NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions, having chosen to bypass adding a wide receiver, now face suggestions to bolster their receiving corps through a trade. Bill Barnwell of ESPN has put forward a notable proposition: acquiring veteran wide receiver Robert Woods from the Houston Texans.

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The Case for Robert Woods

According to Barnwell, Robert Woods, despite potentially being past his prime as a starting receiver, could still significantly contribute to a team if utilized correctly. Citing the example of Josh Reynolds, another former Rams and Titans player who thrived with the Lions after being claimed off waivers in 2021, Barnwell believes Woods could find similar success in Detroit. Reynolds, who recently signed with the Broncos, played an essential role for the Lions, participating in about 70% of the offensive snaps over two seasons, demonstrating that a well-defined role can revitalize a veteran’s career.

Detroit’s Current Receiving Situation

The departure of Reynolds leaves a void in the Lions’ roster that has not yet been filled this offseason. While the Lions have high expectations for Jameson Williams, whom they traded up to select in the first round of the 2022 draft, his journey has been marred by injuries and a suspension, limiting his impact on the field. Moreover, Williams’ play style distinctly differs from Reynolds’, indicating a potential strategy misalignment if he were expected to fill the same role.

Donovan Peoples-Jones is another potential internal solution for the Lions, but the addition of a seasoned player like Woods could provide the receiving corps with much-needed depth and experience.

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Potential Trade Benefits and Considerations

Barnwell suggests that the Texans, currently in a rebuilding phase, might not seek much more than salary relief and a minor swap of Day 3 draft picks in exchange for Woods. If Brad Holmes, Detroit’s General Manager and former Rams executive, could negotiate a reduced salary for Woods down to around $1.5 million, the trade could be mutually advantageous. For Detroit, this move would not only fill the vacancy left by Reynolds but also add a proven veteran to mentor the younger receivers.

TL;DR (too long didn’t read)

  1. Strategic Acquisition Proposed: Bill Barnwell of ESPN suggests that the Detroit Lions should consider trading for veteran wide receiver Robert Woods from the Houston Texans. This proposal comes in the wake of the Lions not selecting a wide receiver in the 2024 NFL Draft, highlighting a potential gap in their roster that Woods could fill.
  2. Role Fit and Experience: Drawing parallels with Josh Reynolds, a former Rams and Titans player who succeeded with the Lions, Barnwell believes Woods could similarly contribute if utilized properly in Detroit’s offensive scheme. The recommendation is based on Woods’ potential to offer valuable experience and depth, particularly following Reynolds’ departure in free agency and the inconsistent availability of Jameson Williams due to injuries and suspension.
  3. Trade Terms and Benefits: The trade, primarily aimed at giving the Texans salary relief, would involve a swap of Day 3 picks. If the Lions’ GM Brad Holmes can negotiate Woods’ salary down to about $1.5 million, this move could benefit both teams financially and strategically, providing Detroit with a seasoned player to strengthen their receiving corps and mentor younger talents.
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Bottom Line: Weighing the Options

The proposal to trade for Robert Woods underscores a strategic opportunity for the Lions to enhance their receiver lineup effectively and economically. As the team evaluates its post-draft roster and plans for the upcoming season, considering such a trade could be pivotal in ensuring both immediate and long-term success for Detroit’s passing game.

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