Detroit Lions v. Chicago Bears: Super early prediction 2022

Coming off a stunning victory against the Green Bay Packers, we bring you the earliest of early: Detroit Lions v. Chicago Bears prediction.

The Detroit Lions defeated the hated Green Bay Packers 15-9 last Sunday to earn their second win of the season. They have an opportunity to keep the momentum going against another division rival as the Detroit Lions travel to Chicago to take on the 3-6 Bears who are coming off a narrow defeat at the hands of the Miami Dolphins.

The key to this game will be how well the Lions can contain Bears’ quarterback Justin Fields. Given the struggles the Lions have had with mobile quarterbacks, my guess is we will see more of the same this Sunday. It is a matchup of two bad teams in the middle of rebuilds, but somebody has to win. Who it will be?

Detroit Lions v. Chicago Bears

Detroit Lions v. Chicago Bears: A WAY TOO early prediction

Let’s get to the elephant in the room. We mentioned it in the opening. How the hell are the Lions going to stop Justin Fields? Fields, who just ran for an NFL quarterback record 178 yards against the Miami Dolphins, will certainly be chomping at the bit to face a Lions defense that has been dreadful against mobile quarterbacks, and even quarterbacks who aren’t mobile.

Just last week, even though the Lions won, Packer statue Aaron Rodgers converted a 3rd and 17 with his legs. Even in past years, former Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky would routinely have his best games against the Lions.

An obvious answer is to spy, but that takes someone out of coverage. The Lions might be more than okay with that given that Fields still has a lot to prove with his arm. The Bears have just bolstered their receiving corps, however, trading for Chase Claypool during the NFL trade deadline.

The Lions' defense played very well in their first game since former defensive backs coach Aubrey Pleasant was let go. They will look to repeat their three-interception performance against a much worse quarterback than they faced last in Aaron Rodgers. Fields is more prone to mistakes than Rodgers is, and it will be key for the Lions to continue to give their offense as many extra possessions as they can.

As far as how this game will play out, I personally believe the Lions will come out of Chicago with a loss. Give me a 21-16 Bears’ win, with a Jared Goff pick-six just for good measure.

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