Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears: way too early prediction for must-win Week 17 game

On Sunday, the Detroit Lions are facing a must-win game against the Chicago Bears. These two teams met earlier in the season, with the Lions earning a one-point victory, winning 31-30. Will the Lions have the same fortune this time around? I think they will.

Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears

Let’s rewind back to November 13, 2023. The Lions are entering the fourth quarter down 14 points and on the edge of falling to 2-7. Then something amazing happens. The Lions storm back in the fourth quarter and outscore the Bears 21-6 to eke out a one-point victory. There’s suddenly hope again. Back-to-back wins against division rivals has reinvigorated the Lions’ fan base.

That victory kept hope alive for the future. Fast forward to the present and the Lions need to once again defeat the Bears to keep hope alive for the now. The Lions will be fighting for their playoff lives on Sunday. After coming out flat and getting their ass kicked by the Carolina Panthers last week, will these Lions lie down or will they live to fight another day?

Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears Prediction

I believe head coach Dan Campbell will have the Lions ready to play and it will be a day to remember for Detroit. The fans will be rowdy. The team will be ready. And the Bears won’t have an answer for what the “Brand New Lions” throw at them.

It took a herculean effort from quarterback Justin Fields for the Bears to be competitive against the Lions last time out, and they still lost. Fields is an incredible athlete, and the Lions do struggle with mobile quarterbacks. Fields will get his own on the ground. The thing is, it’s just not possible for him to do more than he did last time.

For one, Fields’ 147 rushing yards is one of the best rushing days a quarterback has ever had. More importantly, Fields might not be 100%. While there is no doubt Fields will suit up for the Bears, his mobility could be in question. Last week, Fields got his ankle stepped on in the Bears’ 35-13 loss to the Buffalo Bills.

If Fields’ health is of no concern, the Detroit Lions’ run defense is DEFCON 1. They gave up over 300 yards rushing to the Carolina Panthers and in their last meeting with the Bears, they gave up 258 yards on the ground.

I believe in a sick, twisted way this could work in the Lions’ favor. They will be so disgusted with last week’s performance that they will have a focus never before seen on stopping the run this week. The Bears will see the Panthers running through holes the size of the Grand Canyon and believe they can replicate that same success.

Spoiler alert: They won’t.


The Lions do just enough to stop the Bears’ running game and score enough points to force the Bears to get away from the run. The Lions will control the game in the second half and pull off a 41-30 victory.

The Lions get back to .500 and have a week 18 showdown with that jerk Aaron Rodgers and the Packers to get into the playoffs. Go Lions.

Written by Ryan Griffin

My name is Ryan, I'm the Pistons editor for DSN. My hobbies include listening to better music than you and watching unhealthy amounts of Always Sunny.

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