Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers: Way too early prediction for week 18 showdown


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    Detroit Lions

    The Detroit Lions finally have their prime-time game, which is for all of the marbles, as long as the Lions get some help. For the opponent, the Green Bay Packers, the scenario is simple: beat the Lions (yeah, right) and they clinch a spot in the NFL Playoffs. For the Lions, it is slightly less cut-and-dry than that. In order for the Lions to beat out Green Bay for that final playoff spot, the Lions would need to beat the Packers, and they would also need the Los Angeles Rams to beat the Seattle Seahawks. Unfortunately for Detroit, they can only control one of those outcomes. That is the one we will be discussing.

    The Lions and Packers faced off once this year back in Week 9 with the Lions earning an ugly 15-9 victory. That game really changed the season trajectory of both teams. The Lions' Week 9 victory kick-started a stretch that saw them win six of seven games. The Packers, since losing that game, have won five of their last seven games, including four in a row. So in the week 18 showdown, something has to give.

    Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers way too early prediction:

    The Lions hope that something will be Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers who was very giving in their first matchup, throwing three interceptions. The Lions frustrated the back-to-back MVP and will hope to do the same this time around against a Packers team playing their best football of the season.

    Aaron Rodgers

    Like a bad made-for-tv movie

    That will almost assuredly be a much more difficult task as this is playing out like a bad made-for-TV movie for the Packers. The great quarterback who is a weirdo and rubs his teammates the wrong way. They struggle to gel and fingerprint throughout the season. They go on an ayahuasca trip together and bond to become stronger than ever. Put together a winning streak and have a win-and-in game to end the year against a hated rival. In the movie, the Packers would win this game on a field goal and rally to win the Superbowl. But will that be reality?

    No, it won't. The Lions will pull off a 29-26 (OT) victory against the Packers in Lambeau Field. This will be a culture-establishing win in Detroit, regardless of whether or not the Rams beat the Seahawks, an outcome the Lions will know before they take the field.

    A win-win for Detroit: Playoffs or spoiler

    Head coach Dan Campbell will have the Lions ready to play no matter what. If they get the help they need from the Rams, the Lions will come out like bats out of hell and give the Packers more than they can handle.

    If the Rams don't lend the Lions a hand, Campbell will have his guys ready to play spoiler and send the message that no matter what, even with nothing to play for, the Lions don't lie down. If you beat them, you're going to have to earn it all 60 minutes.

    Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers final prediction:

    So once again, final prediction:

    Detroit Lions: 29

    Green Bay Packers: 26

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