Detroit Lions way down on list of possible destinations for Aaron Rodgers

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Where will Aaron Rodgers play in 2021?

That is a question that we would all like an answer to as it is seeming more and more likely that he is done with the Green Bay Packers.

In a piece recently published on USA Today, Charles Curtis ranks all 32 NFL teams in terms of being a possible destination for Rodgers.

According to Curtis, the Detroit Lions rank No. 31 on the list with only the Houston Texans ranked lower.

Here are the top 10, according to Curtis. Where do you think Rodgers will play in 2021?


Seattle Seahawks

This is actually perfect: Rodgers for Russell Wilson — who has expressed his own unhappiness this offseason — straight up. Wilson comes back to Wisconsin (where he starred in college), Rodgers gets to the West Coast and immediately fits in with a good team. Win win!


Washington Football Team

A couple of seasons ago, I might have scoffed.

Yet! The defense is good, the offense has some weapons on it and Rodgers > Fitzmagic. Not a bad option for all involved!


New York Giants

An offense with vast improvements at receiver, Saquon Barkley returning from injury, an underrated defense and New York City. A darkhorse option, if I were Rodgers and I had any control over my destination.


Pittsburgh Steelers

In a vacuum, playing for a perpetual contender that’s consistently good on both sides of the ball and a franchise with the most stable head coaching job in the NFL seems like a great landing spot!


Las Vegas Raiders

I know it’s been reported that this is one of the teams that interests him, and I can’t figure out why beyond “VEGAS BABY!”

Seriously though, is this team going to play for a Super Bowl in the next few years while Rodgers is still in his 30s? Is there enough enticing stuff on offense to get him pumped? Is there something about Jon Gruden? As you can see from the ranking, I’m not sure it’s as good of an option.

Obviously, the Raiders would do this in a heartbeat and wish Derek Carr the best.


Denver Broncos

I get it. These days, they’re always one QB away from being elite. Jerry Jeudy could break out in Year 2, as could Noah Fant in his third season. The defense is perpetually awesome. But there are better fits for him.


Miami Dolphins

A team that’s already on the verge of the playoffs … but there are questions about Tua Tagovailoa. So: go to Miami and all that good weather (a little different that what he’s used to in Green Bay, eh?) and enjoy yourself while playing for a title.


Green Bay Packers

Hey, listen: they nearly made it to the Super Bowl last year. If this relationship can somehow be repaired (doubtful??), this team is good. Like, really good.


Los Angeles Rams

I’ll take “Near-perfect fits” for $1,000, Aaron.

Here’s the clue: this team in the City of Angels traded for a quarterback this offseason, but that shouldn’t stop them from doing the same with this defending NFL MVP who could be the host of Jeopardy! in the future.

You already know the punchline. Seriously though: did you know that SoFi Stadium is like a 20-minute drive from where they film Jeopardy! in Culver City?


San Francisco 49ers

Duh. The California kid comes back and plays for the team he rooted for.

Oh sure, they just drafted Trey Lance. But Lance might need a couple of years before he’s ready and the Niners are in a place where they could very easily win the NFC. So you shove all-in AND you get to keep the QB of the future because the Packers already have theirs and everyone wins.