Detroit Lions Week 11 Rooting Guide: 8 Teams You Should Root For This Week

Detroit Lions Week 11 Rooting Guide: 8 Teams You Should Root For This Week.

Detroit Lions Week 11 Rooting Guide: 8 Teams You Should Root For This Week

As the 2023 NFL regular season enters Week 11, the Detroit Lions are riding high with a remarkable 7-2 record, leading the pack in the NFC North. Their upcoming matchup at Ford Field against the Chicago Bears is on every fan's radar. But there's more at stake than just this game. Lions fans are also closely watching the wider league landscape, understanding that other games can significantly impact Detroit's playoff positioning. For a comprehensive perspective on the teams to support or root against in Week 11, delve into the Detroit Lions Week 11 Rooting Guide for all the strategic insights.

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Who Detroit Lions Fans Should Root For?

Root for AFC over NFC

First of all, the obvious. Lions fans should be rooting for every AFC team to beat every NFC team in those matchups. In Week 11, root for the Chargers (AFC) to beat the Packers (NFC), the Broncos (AFC) over the Vikings (NFC), the Texans (AFC) over the Cardinals (NFC), and the Chiefs (AFC) over the Eagles (NFC) because the Lions only have to worry about staying ahead of/passing NFC teams in the overall standings.

Root for Any Team over the NFC North

Make sure that you are always rooting for any team that is playing a team from the NFC North not named the Detroit Lions. Note: See the Root for AFC over the NFC section since the Packers and Vikings both play teams from the AFC this week.

Other Teams to Root For

At this point, the Lions are looking good in the NFC North, but we also have to be rooting for them to get as high of a seed as possible in the NFC. Because of that, we should be rooting for NFC teams with lesser records over NFC teams with better records.

So, with that being said, root for the Panthers over the Cowboys, the Giants over the Commanders, the Buccaneers over the 49ers, and the Rams over the Seahawks.

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Here is a quick list of who you should root for this week if you are a fan of the Detroit Lions:

  • Chargers over Packers: Rooting for the Chargers (AFC) helps the Lions as it would result in a loss for the Packers (NFC), an NFC rival.
  • Broncos over Vikings: Similarly, cheering for the Broncos (AFC) benefits the Lions by potentially handing the Vikings (NFC) a defeat.
  • Texans over Cardinals: Supporting the Texans (AFC) aims at a loss for the Cardinals (NFC), thus improving the Lions' standing.
  • Chiefs over Eagles: Root for the Chiefs (AFC) as a win against the Eagles (NFC) helps the Lions in the NFC rankings.
  • Panthers over Cowboys: The Panthers have a lesser record; their victory over the Cowboys (with a better record) aids the Lions' seeding.
  • Giants over Commanders: Supporting the Giants, who have a lesser record, against the Commanders, benefits the Lions' NFC seeding.
  • Buccaneers over 49ers: The Buccaneers' win over the 49ers, who have a better record, can improve the Lions' playoff positioning.
  • Rams over Seahawks: Rooting for the Rams, with a lesser record, against the Seahawks, helps elevate the Lions' position in the NFC.

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