Detroit Lions Week 4 NFL Rooting Guide

We are now heading into Week 4 of the 2021 NFL season and as predicted, the 0-3 Detroit Lions are looking like they are going to pile up a ton of losses this season.

That being said, we are going to put together a weekly Rooting Guide for the Lions so you know which teams to root for.

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As we speak, the Lions playoff chances in 2021 are slim so we are going to focus on rooting for the teams that will help Detroit to get a higher pick in the 2022 NFL Draft.

That being said, we are still rooting for the Lions to win, but we are also realistic and are rooting for a high draft pick in 2022.

Here are the teams you should be rooting for in Week 4 if you want the Lions to get a higher draft pick. As you can see, you should be rooting for the teams with the worse records.

*Note: If you are interested in higher draft picks for the Lions, you should also root for the Rams to lose because the Lions get their first-round pick in 2022.

Jaguars (0-3) over Bengals (2-1)

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Jets (0-3) over Titans (2-1)

Eagles (1-2) over Chiefs (1-2)

Cowboys (2-1) over Panthers (3-0)

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Giants (0-3) over Saints (2-1)

Vikings (1-2) over Browns (2-1)

Texans (1-2) over Bills (2-1)

Colts (0-3) over Dolphins (1-2)

Falcons (1-2) over Washington (1-2)

Seahawks (1-2) over 49ers (2-1)

Cardinals (3-0) over Rams (3-0)

Steelers (1-2) over Packers (2-1)

Ravens (2-1) over Broncos (3-0)

Patriots (1-2) over Buccaneers (2-1)

Chargers (2-1) vs. Raiders (3-0)

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