Detroit Lions were not the only team in on TE Sam LaPorta

In the 2023 NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions made a significant move by selecting tight end Sam LaPorta in the second round. While some questioned the choice, it turns out that the Lions were not alone in recognizing LaPorta's potential. During a recent interview, Cincinnati Bengals coach Zac Taylor revealed that his team was also interested in drafting LaPorta early on. Taylor acknowledged that the Bengals held high regard for LaPorta and expressed their disappointment in not being able to secure him.

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Key Points

  • The Lions drafted LaPorta in the second round of the 2023 NFL Draft.
  • Other teams, including the Cincinnati Bengals, also recognized LaPorta's value.
  • Bengals coach Zac Taylor expressed disappointment in not being able to select LaPorta.
  • LaPorta's impressive performance in rookie minicamp suggests his talent will soon be evident on the field.

Detroit Lions were not the only team in on TE Sam LaPorta

This acknowledgment by Taylor sheds light on the fact that LaPorta was highly regarded by multiple teams, reinforcing the Lions' decision to pick him.

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“There were certainly some tight ends that we had some regard for. They got picked off pretty (quickly). Those first two, we really liked and they went with the 26th pick probably and 35th pick, I think, to Detroit,” Taylor said on the Bleav in Bengals podcast. “Those were two really good players that I think would have really helped us, but, again, we’re happy to not reach, because we felt good about the group that we had.”

Bottom Line – A Promising Pick for the Detroit Lions

In drafting LaPorta, the Detroit Lions have not only acquired a talented tight end but also gained recognition for their astute decision-making. The widespread interest from other teams further validates the Lions' choice, affirming their commitment to enhancing their roster with high-quality players. With LaPorta's exceptional performance in rookie minicamp setting the stage for future success, the Lions have secured a promising addition to their team. As the upcoming season unfolds, the anticipation of witnessing LaPorta's talent manifest on the field continues to grow, providing Lions fans with hope for a bright future.

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