Detroit Lions Win Trade War for 1st-Round Pick

Detroit Lions Significantly Outbid Arizona Cardinals in 1st-Round Trade-Up

The Detroit Lions made a significant move during the 2024 NFL Draft, outmaneuvering the Arizona Cardinals to secure the 24th overall pick from the Dallas Cowboys. This strategic play was highlighted in a video from the Cardinals’ war room, showcasing the intense negotiations and the Lions’ eventual success.

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Cardinals’ Initial Offer to Move Up

Positioned at the 27th spot, the Arizona Cardinals were actively negotiating with the Dallas Cowboys to move up to the 24th pick. Cardinals General Manager Monti Ossenfort made a straightforward proposal: “We’ll give you 27 and 104 and we would take 24 and 174,” he said during a phone call. This deal would have involved swapping their 27th and 104th picks for the Cowboys’ 24th and 174th picks.

Detroit Lions’ Aggressive Bid for the Pick

As the Cardinals deliberated, the Detroit Lions stepped in with a more compelling offer. The Lions proposed trading their 29th and 73rd picks, along with a 2025 seventh-round pick, to the Cowboys in exchange for the 24th overall pick. This bid outshone the Cardinals’ offer and was quickly accepted by the Cowboys.

Breakdown of the Lions’ successful trade offer

Lions receive:

  • Pick 24
  • 2025 seventh-rounder

Cowboys receive:

  • Pick 29
  • Pick 73 (third-rounder)

Cardinals’ Offer Analysis

Conversely, the Cardinals’ proposed but unexecuted deal was:

Cardinals receive:

  • Pick 24
  • Pick 174 (late fifth-rounder)

Cowboys receive:

  • Pick 27
  • Pick 104 (early fourth-rounder)

Using trade value charts, it’s evident that the Detroit Lions’ offer presented a more significant advantage for the Cowboys. The Lions incurred a greater immediate value loss, giving up a higher third-round pick compared to the Cardinals’ early fourth-rounder.

Detroit Lions Beat Writer

Trade Value Breakdown

Analyzing the trade through various models, the Lions’ offer was more costly in terms of trade value. The Rich Hill model indicated a -29 value for the Lions, while the Fitzgerald-Spielberger model calculated a -508 value. This shows the Lions were willing to pay a premium to secure their desired player.

Detroit Lions’ Strategic Choice: Terrion Arnold

Despite the high price, the Lions were confident that their aggressive move was justified to acquire Terrion Arnold. They believe Arnold’s potential performance will outweigh the initial investment, making this a calculated and worthwhile decision.

Cardinals’ Decision and the Draft Night Dynamics

The Cardinals chose to stay put at their original position and selected Darius Robinson with the 27th pick. This decision highlighted the complex and competitive nature of draft-night negotiations. The Lions’ decisive action to secure their target underscores the intense behind-the-scenes strategies that shape the draft outcomes.

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