Detroit Lions Work Out Veteran CB Champ Bailey

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The Detroit Lions take another step in securing their secondary by continuing to host a slew of secondary workouts. Several free agent safeties and cornerbacks have tried out for the Lions in the past few days, but none with the resume of Champ Bailey. It could easily be said that Champ Bailey is beyond his prime as a cornerback, and that is definitely true.

Whether he is in his prime or not is not the question that the Lions have for Bailey. The question is if he can come in and make a difference in an already weak secondary. Without a doubt, he would fit in at least a little bit, if the Lions can get him for the right price. Champ could be the nickleback off of the bench that gives the Lions’ defense the boost they need to succeed.

397 thoughts on “Detroit Lions Work Out Veteran CB Champ Bailey”

  1. The leadership and experience level alone would be well worth whatever they would pay him. Especially with our core group of corners being so young

  2. Ummm yes. A veteran who can get it done when in the game is on the line, even if he only pays a few snaps a game??

  3. i like that he can provide veteran leadership but not loving the idea of a veterans minimum salary. Let’s just stop drafting “best available” thugs and create our own in house leadership.

  4. As a Lions fan and a Broncos fan I have to say SAVE your money. Watching him edge closer and closer to retirement Champ can only hurt a team. Experienced he is! Knowledgable about the positions he is! Great addition he is NOT! Please Lions fans know that this won’t help… Need proof check the playoff game against the Ravens 2 years ago…not to mention last years Super Bowl…he gets beat on every play there is a reason the Broncos cut him and even a bigger reason the Lions need to pass on Champ!

  5. Go for it. …can’t be any worse then the CBs we already have. Also give the young guys a mentor and veteran to learn from

  6. He’ll be good to bring in when Mathis and Slay need to take a breather. It’s an upgrade either way

  7. Justin Ryan Kerbel- Champ was a let down do to the money the Broncos and even the saints gave to him. Fact is lions aren’t asking him to make the pro bowl or even start. His experience and ability to teach our young CB’s alone is worth the pennies we’re going to pay him……

  8. The only reason the broncos and saints cut him was bc they had better players at that position. The lions don’t. Champ would up grade the secondary

  9. next week veteran contracts become non-guaranteed. wait until monday night at midnight and sign him. that way, if he is absolutely terrible they can cut him with no penalty

  10. Even washed up champ would be the best corner we have, our secondary sucks and will be the reason lose many winnable games.

  11. His game has massively dropped off so don’t expect 10+ INT’s from him. However he has great knowledge of the game and will help the Lions in multiple was, overall a good choice for Detroit.

  12. If they are looking for him to play starting corner then no, pass on him, if they want to bring him in cheap to play in the nickle and dime and teach our younger guys then sure its a good move to sign him if the price is right.

  13. He is far better than the corners on the Lions roster. They have had the weakest secondary in the NFL for 15 years straight.

  14. We need him bcuz we dnt have experience at the corner spots, & he can take turns with Slay & Bentley 2 show them the ropes on how 2 be elite. Rashean Mathis is the only doable corner we have. So that’ll be ah good look

  15. If they utilize him he still has game left in him and yes it would be beneifical to the younger cbs to imulate him i say ITS ABOUT TIME they get some playoff experience players GO LIONS…

  16. Pass defense is not a pure rating of the secondary because pressuring the QB cuts down their time in the pocket. Our corners are pathetic. They play soft and give up too many third and long plays.

  17. guys like champ will have an impact on the team even if they dont contribute as much as they used to on the field. i say sign him.

  18. they didn’t like something… 20 minutes ago they said he remains a free agent and no plans of signing.

  19. The front 7 will make the back 4 look way better than they really are this year. Actually going to be bringing pressure this year. Something Jimbo and Gunther decided wasn’t important for whatever reason. Corner is a lot easier to play when the qb can’t just sit in the pocket all day and launch em’.

  20. Ahh, Jimmy Norman & Cindy Marie Cardoza one of the Broncos Greatest a possible Motown Lion? We NEED a Secondary This is one FaT-KiD who hopes it happens!!!

  21. Lol please don’t sign this old bum. People who want to sign this guy clearly don’t pay attention to the NFL as a whole. Dude got toasted on the regular last year. Might as well keep what we got if that’s the case

  22. there were 2 there that looked like winners, should have jumped in. When we score 40 and get scored on by 42…………

  23. Yup we need him. Experience and teaching if nothing else. Matt Cain they decided that because we didn’t have the corners to play one on one. You can’t leave the db’s we had then alone on an island against receivers like Brandon Marshall. It’s OV before it starts. I only use Brandon as an example cuz he is in our division.

  24. YEAH it’s time for the regular season and the Lion’s are looking for secondary help from those cut from every other team!

  25. Here we go again, draft a corner in round 1… why to wait 2 or 3 years before he’s worth anything? No thanks.

  26. Good choice. He has been there and done that so even if he just fills in when the defense has been on the field too long it will be a bonus for sure.

  27. We don’t even have a corner better than Champ. I hope you know that. What should we do scout the practice squads. It’s a bargain.

  28. Instead we draft a TE that can play slot. To bad we have two capable TE and spent 30+ on Tate who is a slot receiver. I’m with you. Could have moved up or hit the free agency a little harder.

  29. I would love Champ Bailey to become a Lion…my “adopted” team…but I am still loyal to the Broncos….who let Champ go…..

  30. If your own teammate can take him to town this a bad decision. Nobody likes to throw a veteran player under the bus. But he’s not worth he money. He’s injury prone. Sat the whole season on the bench but for a few games for Denver. Not only will Detroit’s offense pick him apart in practice. Imagine what every offensive team do to him. Hire him on the defense coaching staff.

  31. Champ put in a lot of good years here in Denver, and he will be missed. He is not what he use to be, but I think he’s got a couple of good seasons left in him.

  32. Why??? Was he not getting the exercise he needed from the walk around the garden in the old folks home.

  33. #J.T., Don’t belittle the man, he doesn’t deserve that kind of ABUSE. .SIIIIIIING, the man. GOOOOO LION’S! !!!!

  34. Jennie Bayless if your from Colorado like I am you know why Denver let him go. Detroit will always be my home team. And yes I’m a fan of the Bronco’s. With that said I never even liked it when we got him as a trade for Clinton Portis in 2004 from Washington. From the start he cost Denver way many games. I think Detroit will send him packing as did the Saints.

  35. Again this is why Denver let him go. He cost us a chance to go to the super bowl when we played the Ravens in the 2012 playoffs. Torrey Smith burnt him as second year player for two touchdowns and 98 yards. His last 4 years alone with Denver were terrible. Y’all keep saying he’s better than what we have. If you haven’t watched him play lately you’d think again.

  36. Dumb he can teach the young guys but his career is over this is exactly why Detroit will never win a supper bowl

  37. Nothing to lose. In a limited role he’s probably be an improvement over whoever else they have, and maybe he could mentor the younger ones.

  38. Champ is still better than what we have now, my opinion sign him and let him teach the young guys to be a champion.

  39. Eh, why not? It’s not like he’s going to be depended on a whole lot. If he gives us 15 snaps a game and give the starters a rest, I say do it

  40. Exactly, same old Lions, always getting players on their downfall. …This has been going on for the last 30 yrs me watching this team.

  41. If the $ is right he could be a great addition if used in rotation as a nickel corner or in dime packages with zone coverage so he doesn’t get burned for his lack of wheels any longer and definitely has the skills to pay the bills and could mentor and pass coverage techniques/tips down to Slay and Bently that Mathis hasn’t. I say sign him for depth and leadership purposes!

  42. Teamwork and leadership abilities can be a key if we sign Champ Bailey to the team. That way he can mentor the young secondary just before he can retire.

  43. DO IT, even at his age it can’t be worse than the DBS we have now. He would be the second cb and Slay would go to the slot. That I could live with, and if he really is washed up no loss. He won’t get signed until after week 1 though. Non guaranteed contracts after week 1…

  44. Look out for those LIONS this year…we may win the division…and watch out for the rookie Eric Ebron…

  45. I hope Champ Bailey leads the NFL in interceptions for the year, and is voted as the 2015 Super Bowl MVP.

  46. Yes please sign champ he’s got some gas left even if it’s a nickel back he can teach those young corners how to be great

  47. well it certainly wont hurt them, and he can help the secondary solidify and the others can grow by learning from him.

  48. When I was in the seventh grade English class the teacher gave us an assignment to write a poem. Here was mine……lions lions fighting bright…….in the ball parks of the night…….someday the fans will get there fill, and ship the team to louisville

  49. Never draft a corner unless you know he is a primetime result. Corners take time to develop

  50. Champ Bailey is one of the best CBs in the history of the NFL. What he lacks in physical skills these days, he would more than make up for in leadership & experience.

  51. our team is young, inexperienced, and needs some serious help in the secondary… this is a MUST sign for the Lions, the experience and leadership would be enough no matter how he preforms stat wise

  52. He got cut in Denver, where he played for years, and couldn’t catch on with another team until Detroit popped onto the radar screen. I’m not so sure we can afford a roster spot for a worn out CB even though his veteran leadership might be of some use. If you want him to mentor a youthful defensive backfield, make him a coach.

  53. Hello cousin God knows best every since I was in high school I always prayed before you or my cousin Carson would play for the Detroit Lions, we need you cuzn we need your experience and drive, hope to see you at Ford Field.

  54. Reminds me of the time they brought Dré Bly back, but then silently cut him in training camp. Why do they need an old experienced former Pro Bowl corner? They already have Mathis…and Mathis can still play a bit. Everyone’s complaining about the corners, but I thought Slay has shown a lot of improvement. This is only his second year in the league, he was a high 2nd round draft pic, he’s had a year to develop and he’s been learning from people like Rasheen Mathis and Teryl Austin…Slay is oing to be good, Mathis is going to be Mathis, and Quin+Ihedigbo is actually a pretty solid combo at Safety.

  55. Its stupid to release him off a toe injury. 12 time probowler? We get a Bronco vet that was on a superbowl winning team? A great wonderful loss for the Broncos and a beautiful championship formation of the greatest. Tate, Bailey, Young Lombardi These new editions are the makings of the NFL drifting to the unsuspecting underdog to be Top-Dog assured for years to come…

  56. They need his experience… especially in the secondary. Book him and the LIONS got this ‘Ship on lock.

  57. Even if champ is 50% of what he used to be, that’s 100% better than anyone we have back there now. Can the lions prove they actually ARE contending this year, and not just “want to contend” lets see the pudding with some proof in it. #signchamp #proveit #lionsareforreal

  58. Champ baily boy conerback what sign em vet them out. I use to collect his roookie cd and broncs with tampa.

  59. Bailey is Getting up Their in Years -Looking for a Young Franchise Player That Can Grow With COACH’ES SYSTEM !!!

  60. They should of never have traded him in the first place to Denver (I don’t even remember who we got for him).

  61. The Lion’s are going to be a forceful team that defences will fear, with or without Bailey, but signing him just gets us deeper! Deeee! Troittt!

  62. For what, leave has beens aside, too much talent on that team. Coach Caldwells a great leader, let him weed out the bad, and do something. Truth be told, the QB has to step up big, running game, and defense. With something called consistency.

  63. Also grab asante samuels and ed reed to veteran minimums at the least they’d be excellent teachers too

  64. Reason I sign him is to get Darius slay and the rookies they have to teach them proper and be great like he was his first 6 years with the broncos

  65. I’m really sad to see Champ go from my Denver Broncos, but he’s still an incredibly talented player that I feel the Lions would benefit greatly from signing.

  66. He is slower but can still help us, move him to safety and play a big nickel with three safeties. He still has great awareness and can teach our young guys.

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