Detroit Lions WR Danny Amendola is betting favorite to win celebrity beer pong tournament

If you were to ask me which Detroit Lions player would be the best at beer pong, it would literally take me less than one second to say, “Danny Amendola.”

Well, Amendola is going to get his chance to prove he is the greatest in all the land when he takes on the likes of Rob Gronkowski, Johnny Manziel, and Post Malone in a beer pong tournament being touted as The Ballina Cup.

Not only is Amendola in the bracket, but according to the most recent odds, he is the betting favorite to win it all!

Danny Amendola, Detroit Lions, The Ballina Cup

Here is what the full bracket looks like:

Danny Amendola, Detroit Lions, The Ballina Cup

The tournament will reportedly take place over 8 days beginning next week, who do you think will take home the crown?