Detroit Lions WR Denzel Mims: ‘Damn right, I got a chip on my shoulder’

Denzel Mims is clearly thankful to have been traded to the Detroit Lions. Now, he is ready to prove he is not a bust.

Joining the Detroit Lions, wide receiver Denzel Mims is champing at the bit to demonstrate his prowess on the field. His determination is palpable as he's already dug into the team's playbook, putting in extra hours to ensure he's well-prepared.

Denzel Mims Detroit Lions
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Lions WR Denzel Mims: ‘Damn right, I got a chip on my shoulder'

While Mims might be new to the Lions' den, his zeal is fueled by a past riddled with what he perceives as underutilization during his stint with the Jets. His determination has manifested into a metaphorical chip on his shoulder.

“S**t, yeah. For sure. Damn right, I got a chip on my shoulder, for sure,” Mims expressed. “It’s time for me to show it, though.”

As far as proving himself now that he is getting a second chance with the Lions, Mims is ready and he is thankful.

“Real big. I finally get to go out here and show what I can do and play every position I want to play and just get to do everything I want to do, just not some stuff,” Mims said. “So, I'm thankful.”

Key Points

  • Denzel Mims, new to the Detroit Lions, is eager to showcase his skills.
  • He has diligently learned the Detroit playbook and made an impressive catch at practice.
  • Mims acknowledges having a chip on his shoulder from his time with the Jets.
  • He sees the opportunity in Detroit as a chance to demonstrate his full capabilities.
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Bottom Line – A Second Chance to Give a First Impression

Mims' fervor to take full advantage of his opportunity with the Detroit Lions paints a promising picture for the team's offensive line. His self-described chip on his shoulder could just be the motivation he needs to tap into his full potential. So, watch out NFL, because Denzel Mims is fired up and ready to roar in Detroit.