Detroit Lions WR Golden Tate has Pro Bowls on his Mind

Wide receiver Golden Tate is eager to make the most of his time with the Detroit Lions. When asked about how he feels about being a part of the Detroit Lions potent offense, he stated how excited he was to catch more passes and possibly make a few Pro Bowls. Golden Tate feels that it is going to be a lot easier for him to breakout as a number 2 receiver, next to the great Calvin “Megatron” Johnson. Tate is excited at the prospect of making big plays against single coverage, and against teams second and third cornerbacks. Golden Tate says that he came to Detroit to make a few Pro Bowls, and Detroit is anxiously awaiting the day that happens.


“I think if I can stay healthy, God forbid, it’s going to be fun. I have a chance to catch a ton more balls,” Tate said. “I’m going to see a lot of single coverage. I’m probably going to see a lot of No. 2 and No. 3 cornerbacks because everyone’s going to be on No. 81 (Calvin Johnson). I’m excited.”

“They both throw pretty balls,” Tate said. “I would definitely say Matt Stafford’s balls get there way quicker. I like Stafford’s touch. He can place a ball wherever he wants. I’ve been in practice, running a seam route where I thought I was covered. But he put a ball up and over my left shoulder and all of the sudden I was open. There’s going to be small windows and guys there ready to hit you.”


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Golden Tate’s brazen words are ones that will be remembered amongst Lions’ fans. Detroit fans are hungry for a winning season, and even more hungry for a playoff push. If Golden Tate can help the Lions reach his own goals, then the Lions will already be in a better position to make a playoff run.

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18 thoughts on “Detroit Lions WR Golden Tate has Pro Bowls on his Mind”

  1. We’ll see…..when it comes to the Lions, you never know. Their secondary is still lousy and needs to be addressed, seriously!

  2. He needs to focus on “Super Bowls”, not individual goals…again I fear a wasted Leo’s season coming upon us…

  3. Secondary is not lousy. Lmao you do not know football if you think it is. The wide gap def they ran didn’t get enough pressure on the qb’s. The best dbs in the league can only cover for so long so are average dB lstely year had hell of a time when the opposing qb had 10-15 seconds to throw any receiver can get open. We are a better unit and better def plan this year. Tate needs to think about playoff wins not pro bowls though.

  4. If he reaches his goals as our no. 2 WR, then without a doubt the Lions will be a playoff contender. Players don’t win Super Bowls, teams do. And this team needs more players like Golden Tate. Selfish? He’s just doing his job, which is playing WR at a high level.

  5. Forget a bunch of “Pro Bowl.” All it adds up to is several days of party tim. Tell me they have a Super Bowl victory on their mind.

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