Detroit Lions WR Jameson Williams’ Trainer Shuts Up the Haters

When Jameson Williams' trainer was asked about whether or not the youngster is a 'diva', he had an interesting response.

When the Detroit Lions made the bold decision to trade up and select wide receiver Jameson Williams as the 12th overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, there were high hopes for his future impact on the league. However, Williams' journey hasn't gone exactly as planned thus far. His rookie season was hampered by an ACL injury, limiting his playing time, and now he faces a six-game suspension at the start of his sophomore campaign due to a violation of the NFL's gambling policy.

Additionally, concerns have been raised regarding Jameson Williams' character. In response to these doubts, Williams' trainer, Brandon White, dismisses any negative narrative surrounding the young receiver, emphasizing his positive qualities and the respect he commands from his peers. According to White, Williams is not the stereotypical diva receiver often associated with character issues.

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Jameson Williams' Trainer Shuts Up the Haters

During a recent interview, White shut up the haters when it comes to Williams' character and him potentially being a “diva.” (Click here to listen to the full interview)

“That’s news to me,” White said of any character concerns with Williams. “One thing you can see, guys gravitate towards him. Guys are always around him. Guys love him. He’s quiet, he’s a hard worker and just a good guy. I don’t have anything bad (to say) about him. His character—he’s a fantastic guy. I’ve talked to his dad personally on draft night. When he got drafted, I talked to his mom. They’re good, praying people, so I know they raised a good, strong mental(ly) son.

“I’ve met some guys in my journey that were different dudes. We’re working with this position here. But anything about Jamo and character (concerns) would just be news to me.”

Key Points

  • Jameson Williams, the Detroit Lions' 12th overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, faced setbacks during his rookie season due to injury and a current suspension for violating the NFL's gambling policy.
  • Questions have been raised regarding Williams' character, casting doubt on his potential impact and fit within the team.
  • Trainer Brandon White, who has worked closely with Williams, refutes these character concerns, stating that he has not observed any negative behavior or attitude from the young receiver.
  • White highlights Williams' positive qualities, including his humility, work ethic, and strong moral upbringing.
  • The trainer emphasizes that Williams has garnered the respect and admiration of his teammates, indicating a positive influence on the team dynamic.
  • White expresses surprise at the character concerns surrounding Williams, as he believes the receiver possesses exceptional qualities and does not fit the mold of a problematic player.
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Bottom Line – Setting the Record Straight

As the discussion surrounding Jameson Williams' character unfolds, it becomes evident that there is more to the story than initial assumptions may suggest. While concerns and doubts can arise based on external factors, insights from Williams' trainer provide a different perspective. His firsthand experience and observations paint a picture of a dedicated, humble, and respected player within the team. It serves as a reminder that judgments should be made with careful consideration of all available information. As Jameson Williams progresses in his NFL career, his actions on and off the field will ultimately define his character.


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