Detroit Lions WR Marvin Jones Jr.’s contract details revealed

Marvin Jones Jr. has signed a contract with the Detroit Lions, and we now know the incentives that are included.

The Detroit Lions brought back a familiar face this offseason by re-signing wide receiver Marvin Jones Jr. to a one-year contract. Despite being 33 years old and past his prime, Jones is expected to contribute as a veteran leader and a productive player in his role. While the base value of his deal was $3 million, it was recently revealed by Ari Meirov of the 33rd Team that he has the potential to earn up to $5 million through incentives.

Marvin Jones Jr. Detroit Lions

Key Points

  • Jones Jr. returned to the Detroit Lions on a one-year contract.
  • His deal includes incentives that could potentially increase his earnings.
  • Ari Meirov obtained a detailed breakdown of Jones' $2 million in incentives.
  • The incentives include targets such as receptions, receiving yards, and touchdowns.
  • While some of these benchmarks may be challenging for Jones to achieve, they will impact the Lions' financial situation in 2024.

Detroit Lions WR Marvin Jones Jr.'s contract details revealed

The specifics of these incentives have now been disclosed, shedding light on the benchmarks Jones needs to reach to increase his earnings. Here are the incentives for Jones Jr.'s contract, per Meirov.

55 receptions$200,000
65 receptions$200,000
75 receptions$200,000
700+ yards receiving$200,000
850 yards receiving$200,000
1,000 yards receiving$300,000
5 receiving TDs$200,000
7 receiving TDs$200,000
10 receiving TDs$300,000

Bottom Line – A Contract Worth Striving For

The revelation of the contract details for Jones Jr. illuminates the intricacies of the agreement between him and the Lions. While the base value of the contract is set, the potential for additional earnings through incentives provides an enticing challenge for Jones. As he aims to meet the specified targets, his performance on the field will not only impact his personal income but also contribute to the Lions' offensive success. Whether or not Jones achieves these incentives, his presence as a veteran leader and his potential to excel in his role makes his contract an intriguing element within the team's overall strategy.