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Detroit Pistons ‘Bad Boy’ Rick Mahorn fights the 1987 Chicago Bulls [Video]

So… this is when Detroit Pistons bruiser Rick Mahorn decided he was going to fight the entire Chicago Bulls active roster, plus coaching staff. What kicked off as a horse collar wrap-up on Michael Jordan quickly turned into a face-to-face showdown with Charles Oakley. As Mahorn naturally gravitated toward the Bulls’ bench, everyone took a turn, including head coach Doug Collins (whom Mahorn comically dismissed over the scorers’ table).

Oakley eventually returned to the scrum, using Brad Sellers’ body to propel another haymaker in Mahorn’s general direction before Rory Sparrow found himself floor-bound as Mahorn taunted him from above.

Not surprisingly, Mahorn ended up getting suspended for a game and fined $5,000.

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