Detroit Pistons defeat Kings, end 3 game skid

The Detroit Pistons hosted the Sacramento Kings looking for something, anything to be happy about. They were on a 3-game skid and their playoff hopes had been fading with that skid.

It didn’t start off the way they hoped for as the Kings opened up a 16-6 lead. Rudy Gay was burning Kyle Singler off the dribble, Andre Drummond had trouble defending DeMarcus Cousins, and Brandon Jennings couldn’t stay in front of Isaiah Thomas.

Josh Smith of all people kept the Pistons in it scoring 11 points on 5/8 shooting in the 1st quarter as the Pistons trailed 31-28 after one.

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The second quarter was more of the same. The Pistons were scoring with ease as Rodney Stuckey hopped off the bench and provided easy points and Drummond was a monster around the rim, but Detroit couldn’t defend. The Kings got to the rim with ease and they got anything they wanted. Sacramento led 54-52 at the break behind 15 points from Thomas and 14 from Gay. Stuckey had 16 and Smith had 13 for Detroit.

Detroit opened the third on an 8-0 run behind a Drummond dunk, a Smith 3-pointer(I know, incredible, right?), and a Jennings pull up triple for a 60-54 lead.

Detroit then started locking all windows and doors as they held the Kings scoreless for the first 4:02 of the second half before a Reggie Evans layup. Greg Monroe then answered with a layup, Smith had another 3-pointer(!!!), and Smith threw the alley-oop to a high-flying Drummond for a 69-60 lead. All in all, the Pistons out scored Sacramento 20-11 in the third quarter and led 72-65 after three.

In the fourth, the Pistons opened up an 83-69 lead after a 3 by Stuckey and a 3 by Singler. A Will Bynum jumper and a Monroe layup made it 89-73 Pistons, but the Kings answered with an 8-0 run behind Detroiter Ray McCallum, Gay, and Cousins to cut it to an 89-81 Pistons lead with 3:47 to play.

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Smith then knocked down a long 2 and Bynum had two buckets that all but iced it. The Pistons defeated the Kings 99-89. Smith had 24 points on 10/17 shooting, Stuckey had 23 off the bench, and Drummond had 15 and eight boards. Jennings had five points on 1/10 shooting, 1/7 from deep.

I honestly feel so empty about this win. Why win now? What’s the point? You’ll just get ousted in the first round by the Miami Heat or the Indiana Pacers. Obviously, this season hasn’t gone the way everybody expected. Why not tank the season, keep your top 8 protected draft pick, draft a potential franchise changer in the deepest draft since 2003, and start over next season? I know they’re only 3 games out of the 8 spot with 18 games to play, but I don’t know if I want the playoffs anymore. Just my take on it.

On a side note: I am very annoyed with the fact that Kentavious Caldwell-Pope has been eliminated from the rotation. He played eight minutes tonight and had a very positive impact. Held Gay in check in his eight minutes, forced a turnover, and on said turnover had a breakaway dunk and was the fastest player on the break. Play the rookie!

-Ky Carlin

Twitter: @Ky_Carlin/@gettinbuckets91



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38 thoughts on “Detroit Pistons defeat Kings, end 3 game skid”

  1. They are one game out of the bottom 8. The Knicks and Cavs have to pass us which they will. #SaveThePick

  2. It sickens me that fans honestly want them to tank. Unless Lebron is entering this draft, one player is not gonna save this team. Some fans, smh.

  3. They’re going to miss the playoffs an the pick’s still going to go to Charlotte because that’s how this season’s gone so of course

  4. First, put a shock collar on Josh Smith that goes off when he shoots anything outside 18 feet. Then, trade Moose before the leaves in free agency.

  5. We’re three games out of the playoffs and you guys are begging for them to tank. The wings are stinking up the Joe and you guys are begging for playoffs. Idiots.

  6. They’re 3 games out of the 8 seed for the playoffs but they’re 1 game out of the bottom 8. #SaveThePick

  7. Kenny Grygier, thats the way business is done in the new, shitty NBA… we have a tough road ahead without a lotto pick this year

  8. Even with a lotto pick, we have a tough road ahead. Name one guy who makes them instantly better that’s coming out. Don’t worry, I’ll wait…

  9. Need that draft pick in this years draft. Go for it all next year, even if they make the playoffs this year they will get swept by Miami or Indiana.

  10. Even if they secretly try to tank, teams like the Kings, Knicks Jazz and Sixers are tanking harder. 18 games left they would need to lose 15 of them to assure that they got at least that 8th pick….I say go for the playoffs….even two wins vs the Heat or Pacers could attract a nice FA, coach and GM….

  11. keep losin and get a good small forward! but im sure theyll jus miss the playoffs and get a shitty player : (

  12. Yeah. Let’s draft another forward who’s played one year in college or the Australian guy. We’ll have 2% of getting a top 5 pick in the lotto. You think either of them drops below that? Get real. Play for the playoffs. Play to win games. This is Detroit. We’ve dealt with Lions sucking for years yet the Pistons are sniffing the playoffs and you guys are crying cause you think a 19 year old kid is gonna save the day. You’re not real fans. Move to Miami and jump on that bandwagon morons.

  13. Just win baby! The pistons will be getting a lot of cap space this summer and we could be getting Rondo!

  14. ^ these people don’t think about that. They’d rather blow it and put all their eggs in the basket of a kid fresh out of college.

  15. Keep the pick! Were gonna get swept anyway! If we try and don’t get neither then id call the season a failure

  16. Tank… At best you make the playoffs and get bounced easily in round 1. If you have no shot at winning it all, better to get a good pick and grab a difference maker in the draft.

  17. Also, I thought Dumars was putting together a nice nucleus of guys (Monroe, Drummond, Knight, Singler)… I am not convinced he wanted Josh Smith or Brandon Jennings but was pressured by Gores to make those moves.
    Burke, Knight, Singler, Monroe and Drummond would have been a nice group to watch grow.

  18. Yeah people would rather see 23 straight years in playoffs and the Wings usually draft pretty good no matter where they are at. No one guy comes in and makes Pistons great but I would rather have the pick instead of a four game sweep with 1200 fans at the Palace, well I take that back, if they play Miami you would have every bandwagon Miami fan there probably another home game for Miami

  19. Stfu kenny… name someone they cld draft in the top 8 to make them better?.. literally ANYONE wld. I like this teams chances going forward with marcus smart or aaron gordon over a meaningless and embarrassing playoff berth (15 games under .500)..

  20. I dont consider it to be special to make playoffs in a sport where 50% of league goes to playoffs.

  21. put Drummond on ir, plant a pistol in Jennings whip and call auburn hills best, sign Joe d to a 10 day, zero has to be interim president(em) and tuck this season where it belongs but don’t lose that draft pick. of

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