Detroit Pistons F tells truth about LeBron James altercation

Last week, Detroit Pistons F Isaiah Stewart made national news when he was hit in the face and bloodied by LeBron James.

After realizing he has been cut wide open, Stewart tried multiple time to get at James but, thankfully, he was held back.

On the day after the game, both Stewart (2 games) and James (1 game) were suspended for their actions.

Last night, LeBron came out and said that the whole thing was an accident (yeah right) but Stewart is not buying that at all.

Following Friday’s game against the Los Angeles Clippers spoke to the media and he made it clear that he does not feel like what James did was an accident and that he is not going to let the altercation define who he is.

“This is going to be my last time addressing it. I watched the film. I didn’t feel like it was an accident. My focus is on my team and playing basketball. I won’t let that define who I am. What Detroit drafted me for is what will define who I am.”

What do you think?

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