Detroit Pistons GM Troy ‘Dream’ Weaver: ‘We’re going to attack everything’

If you are a fan of the Detroit Pistons (or if your job is to write about them), Wednesday was a whirlwind of a day for you.

Everything started out smoothly as the Pistons held the No. 7 pick in the opening round of the 2020 NBA Draft. But by the time all was said and done, Pistons GM Troy Weaver had made three trades, landing the team with two additional first-round picks, and an additional second-round pick.

Following the Pistons final selection of the night, Weaver spoke to the media and he made it very clear that the franchise was going to attack everything.

“We’re going to attack the draft, we’re going to attack free agency, we’re going to attack everything,” Weaver said. “I said coming in, this was going to be a restoring of two interactions of the great Pistons teams. That was their mentality. They were aggressive, they were on the attack and we want to follow suit. That’s the mantra and we’ll hopefully continue to be aggressive. But we wanted to set the tone.” 

“We just wanted to be aggressive and attack the draft, that’s always going to be our way of doing business when it comes to the draft,” Weaver said. “Gives us a chance to continue to build on the foundation and improve the culture. We saw it fit to be aggressive tonight and we’re excited about moving forward and the future with Killian Hayes.”

The Pistons are clearly in a rebuild but it sure sounds like Weaver is going to try and turn things around in an aggressive fashion.