Detroit Pistons GM Troy Weaver on Monty Williams: ‘We did not expect him to be available’

Troy Weaver says Monty Williams is everything the Detroit Pistons wanted but he did not think he would be available.

The Detroit Pistons have made it official, revealing their agreement with Monty Williams as the team's new head coach. The original news came as a shock to many, including Pistons General Manager Troy Weaver, who expressed their surprise at Williams' availability. The discussions between Williams, Weaver, Pistons owner Tom Gores, and other team executives took place over the Memorial Day Weekend and concluded with a signed agreement on Thursday. While the Pistons were already considering various candidates for the position, Williams emerged as the ideal choice for the team's young roster.

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Key Points

  • Monty Williams unexpectedly becomes available and joins the Detroit Pistons as Head Coach.
  • Pistons General Manager Troy Weaver expresses surprise at Williams' availability.
  • Williams is seen as the ideal fit for the Pistons' young team, focusing on discipline, defense, and development.
  • Williams brings extensive NBA coaching experience, including a recent NBA Finals appearance.
  • The contract includes club options for 2029 and 2030, potentially extending to eight years with incentives.

Detroit Pistons GM Troy Weaver on Monty Williams: ‘We did not expect him to be available’

Weaver commended Williams as the perfect prototype for the Pistons' rebuilding phase, emphasizing their desire for a leader who prioritizes discipline, defense, and player development. Williams' vast experience, coaching philosophy, and high character align with the team's goals. Notably, his background as both a player and a coach positions him to connect with both the young core and the veteran players on the roster.

“Monty represented the ideal prototype for our young team, but we didn’t expect him to be available,” Weaver said. “When he suddenly became available, we jumped at the opportunity to speak with him. That doesn’t mean the others in our process were not strong candidates. They were. But Monty is the prototype.

“When we set out on this search, we wanted a leader focused on discipline, defense and development,” Weaver said.  “His capability, his experience and his philosophy checks all those boxes.  He has high character and high conviction. He will be a great leader and mentor for our young core, and given his career as a player, he’ll connect with our veteran players as well.”

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Contract Details

The contract details reveal that Williams signed a substantial six-year deal worth $78.5 million, which includes club options for 2029 and 2030. With incentives, the agreement could potentially extend to eight years, totaling a maximum of $100 million.

Bottom Line – An unforeseen triumph for the Pistons

The Pistons' acquisition of Monty Williams as their Head Coach represents a triumph for the organization. Weaver and his team acted swiftly upon learning of Williams' availability, recognizing the opportunity to secure a highly regarded coach. With Williams at the helm, the Pistons can look forward to a promising future, with their young core benefiting from his leadership and mentorship. As the team aims to regain its position among the NBA's elite, the unexpected hiring of Williams serves as a clear statement of intent.