Detroit Pistons Mailbag

This week I received your emails and tweets with your Detroit Pistons questions. I’m here to answer them as best I can.

Don Merriman Q: What free agents are we targeting? With a restricted free agent, are we looking to match an offer sheet from another team? Lastly, who are looking at in the second round of the draft?

A: Woah, a lot of questions my man. First things first: on the free agent front, they want to focus on the Greg Monroe situation before they go after any other free agent. The free agent that they’ve been connected with has been Indiana Pacers’ G Lance Stephenson. Stephenson brings an edge about him, can hit the 3, and plays tenacious defense. However, his antics on the court and attitude could clash with and . Could be a problem. Secondly, the New Orleans Pelicans have expressed interest in Monroe and the Pistons would want to work out a sign-and-trade. In the second round of the draft, I’ve heard as their first option at 38th overall. Michigan’s is an option as well.

Brian Walker Q: Why aren’t they going all in on Eric Bledsoe? Kid is the real deal. He can’t be any worse of a signing than Jennings, Smith, Charlie V, , etc.

A: First off, Jennings and Smith are leaps and bounds better than and Ben Gordon. I wouldn’t put Jennings or Smith in that category yet. Secondly, because they already have four guards on the roster. Jennings, , , , and is still an option to bring back. Not sure if Bledsoe is in their plans at the moment. That could change though.

@AmericanDiscCo Q: Any chance they can trade up next week and get a late 1st? Many teams have been selling their picks the past few years. Thank you.

A: has expressed interest to trade back into the first round, but I think they stay put. Unfortunately, they only have the one second round pick at 38, but youth isn’t necessarily what they need right now. They already have a lot of youth on the roster. They need to focus on the continued development of budding star , Caldwell-Pope, Jennings, and . No need to add more youth to this squad. There’s playoff talent on this roster and in the Eastern Conference, all they need is somebody who can put it together.

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@Leifyboy_22 Q: What would be your dream offseason? Who would we acquire and if you were the person choosing would you go with Monroe or Smith?

A: My dream offseason wouldn’t be about acquisitions. My dream offseason would be the continued development of Caldwell-Pope and Jennings. It would be the continued development of Drummond’s defense or Jennings putting on more weight. But for the sake of argument, I’ll say I’ll take Stephenson. He brings an edge and he can shoot the 3. Lastly, if I had a choice then I would probably keep Smith. It’s an unpopular opinion, but I feel like Smith is a lot more versatile than Monroe and he is clearly a better defender. The 3 big lineup failed, have to get rid of one of them. Smith has 3 years and $40.5 million left on his deal and Drummond is untouchable. That leaves Monroe as probably the odd man out. I would keep Smith because I think he’s a better player, the team is better with Drummond and Smith without Monroe, and it would be easier to move Monroe than to move Smith.

Otto Bolea Q: What will Andre Drummond average this season?

A: C’mon bro, Drummond is averaging 20 and 20 this season! Simple as that! Just kidding, but I can see him averaging close to 20 and 10 this season. It’s not out of the question. He averaged 13 and 13 this season.

-Ky Carlin

Twitter: @gettinbuckets91/@Ky_Carlin


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