Andre Drummond could potentially be departing the Motor City. Rumors have been swirling that Stan Van Gundy has not turned away trade talks regarding Detroit’s star center. This brings many questions to light, especially which trading partners could the Pistons potentially work with. Below are four teams that could be potential spots for #0 to be traded to:

Los Angeles Lakers

The most likely option of the four, the LA Lakers, under new management with Magic Johnson, has a lot to offer Detroit if they wish to start anew with Drummond. They wield a plethora of draft picks and a renewed eagerness to have the Lakers back on top. Magic Johnson will look to make a killer move or two while he is running the organization and the Pistons would be a prime partner to deal with. Draft picks or young talent could come Detroit’s way if they chose to trade with an organization they’ve fought with many times in their storied histories.

Chicago Bulls

The Bulls are the least likely of these four teams to land Drummond, but they are still a good fit for #0. Chicago will be looking to fortify a roster around budding star Jimmy Butler and that will be extremely apparent in a front court that doesn’t have a lot of star power. Chicago carries many disposable pieces on their roster including Doug McDermott, Taj Gibson, Isaiah Canaan, and Bobby Portis. The Pistons would want either substantial cap room space from the trade, or pieces SVG can use to cultivate a new roster.

Boston Celtics















Danny Ainge wants to get help for Isaiah Thomas, and quickly. The Celtics have hoarded draft picks after the dissolving of their Big Three and have been rumored to be in talks for numerous stars. Drummond would solidify┬áthe painted area and give Al Horford the opportunity to play outside the paint and give a better defensive presence. Isaiah Thomas does not do the greatest job on defense and having a 6 foot 11-inch insurance policy behind him would definitely help the title aspirations for the C’s. They have more than enough to pull off a trade with Detroit, the question is if they would want to.

Portland Trailblazers

After shipping off Mason Plumlee, the Trailblazers find themselves in a unique position. The frontcourt that they currently hold either has inexperience or a lack of defensive prowess. Inserting Drummond into a lineup with Damian Lillard would do well for the Trailblazers, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Portland also has a myriad of players that the Pistons could take and put alongside the talent SVG has already brought to Detroit. There could be a chance of McCollum being part of the deal or one of the numerous picks that the Blazers have received.