Pre-Game Preview: Detroit Pistons (2-6) at Oklahoma City (3-6) 8:00 PM ET


The battle of the lukewarm teams is upon us. This match-up is far less daunting for the Pistons with both Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant out. Reggie Jackson will be the only threat to worry about for SVG’s team. The current road struggles will improve tonight as Detroit faces its easiest opponent of this four game road stretch. Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond should see a lot of minutes tonight against a weakened OKC front-court with Serge Ibaka being the lone viable threat for the Thunder.

Andre Drummond

Andre Drummond’s recent struggles are very concerning, especially through a very important stretch of the season. His last two outings in this road-stretch have been very underwhelming, at best, for a star with his talents. If the Pistons have any hope of winning in OKC today, then Drummond will have to improve his play drastically through increased offense efficiency and productivity.

Brandon Jennings, on the other hand, has been offensively impressive with scoring spurts that have bolstered the Pistons efforts in the past few games. Despite some questionable shot selections, Jennings has proven to be the go-to offensive threat for the Pistons on this stretch of road games. Be on the watch for Jackson and Jennings to have an offensive showdown tonight as both of the point-guards are the offensive focal-points of their respective teams.

The importance of this game cannot be understated for both of the teams. The Pistons need a solid victory after their heartbreaking home loss to Utah and recent struggles on this road trip. A win in Oklahoma City would bring confidence to this Pistons team and hopefully be a jump-off point to finishing this road trip on a positive note. The Thunder, meanwhile, need a well-earned home victory to boost overall team morale after having such an underwhelming start to the season.

Reggie Jackson
OKC guard Reggie Jackson

Piston fans should expect a well-played game against a quality opponent, despite their primary stars being absent.  Expect the scoring totals to be in the hundreds, and the final minute of play deciding which team will win this monumental game. You can catch tonight’s game on FSN Detroit Plus or on the radio at 105.1 FM. Be sure to tune in as this game will make or break the road stretch for the Pistons, and it is sure to be hard-fought and well-earned win for whoever should emerge victorious.