Stephen Curry’s Mom Fines Him for Turnovers


Stephen Curry’s mother has an ingenious plan to keep her son’s game in check. Sonya Curry and her son came to an agreement years ago that whenever Stephen committed more than three turnovers-a-game, he owed his mother $100. This would accumulate over the course of the season and Sonya ultimately reaps the reward if her son can’t take care of the ball.

The incentive for Stephen is that his fine amount drops $100 for every turnover he commits under three on a per game basis. It tends to equal out and the All-Star Point Guard couldn’t agree more, “It keeps me on the edge every game,” Curry said. “I know she’s going to text me or have some witty one-liner about what she’s going to buy with all of my gifts.”

Golden State Warriors v Phoenix Suns
Curry and the Warriors are having a fantastic season. And it’s all thanks to Mom.

Per Ben Rohrbach’s report, Stephen had a rough time last year with this payment plan he set up. “After committing a career-high 294 turnovers in 78 games last season, he owed his mom $6,000 (plus another $500, if they counted the playoffs). This year, in an attempt to meet the ball security demands of new coach Steve Kerr, Curry’s 123 turnovers through 39 games has kept his bill is down to just $600. If this has been going on since his rookie season, his mom would be $9,300 richer since 2009.” That is one hefty sum to be throwing around, but it seems to already have been working for Curry during the amazing season he’s having.

Now that we think about it, the Pistons could benefit from a similar set up for Andre Drummond. A possible $50-$100 fine for every free throw miss could possibly get his free throw shooting percentage up from its currently very woeful status. The incentive system seems to have worked to help out Stephen Curry maintain his turnover issues. We can likely only dream that Stan Van Gundy would do anything to try and change Drummond’s fortunes at the line with a similar process.