Pistons announce the release of 4 players


The Detroit Pistons have announced a few player cuts. They have cut former number 2 overall draft pick of the Memphis Grizzlies, Hasheem Thabeet, Brian Cook, Josh Bostic, and Lorenzo Brown. All four players were on non-guaranteed deals.

None of these four players were going to make the Pistons regular season roster so none of this is a surprise. Thabeet was on a non-guaranteed deal so he had to have a terrific training camp and preseason to even make the roster. Neither of those things happened obviously.

Cook had a chance to make the team due to his 3-point shooting, but he didn’t get much playing time in the preseason. Bostic and Brown had the same issue, little to nothing preseason playing time. Detroit had their roster and rotation pretty much set coming into the preseason. These guys were just practice players, plain and simple. I wish them luck in their future endeavors.

-Ky Carlin

Twitter: @gettinbuckets91/@Ky_Carlin