Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores comments on hiring of Monty Williams

The Detroit Pistons have made the hiring of Monty Williams official and owner Tom Gores has weighed in on the hire.

In a significant move for the Detroit Pistons, the organization officially announced the hiring of Monty Williams as the new Head Coach. Williams, whose introduction will take place at a news conference in Detroit next week, has wasted no time in immersing himself in the role, initiating player meetings and staff development to kickstart the transition.

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Key Points

  • Monty Williams has been officially appointed as the new Head Coach of the Detroit Pistons.
  • Williams will bring his leadership, mentoring, and teaching skills to guide the team's future.
  • Pistons owner Tom Gores expresses pride and excitement about the hiring of Williams.
  • Williams has already initiated player meetings and staff development to facilitate a smooth transition.
  • The contract is valued at 6 years, $78.5 million, with Club Options and incentives potentially extending it to 8 years and $100 million.

Pistons owner Tom Gores comments on hiring of Monty Williams

Gores expressed his pride and excitement about having Williams on board during this crucial phase, guiding the team into the next decade. Gores emphasized that Williams possesses the qualities desired in a leader for the franchise, with an emphasis on teaching and mentoring the players. Gores firmly believes that Williams will make an impact on all aspects of the organization, both on and off the court.

“I couldn’t be more proud to have Monty joining us at this important time to lead us into the next decade of our future,” said Gores. “He embodies all of the qualities we want in a leader for our Pistons franchise, and most importantly a teacher and mentor for our players. He will have an impact on every aspect of our franchise, on and off the court.

“After spending some time with Monty, it’s clear that he’s found a unique balance between achieving victory at the highest level while at the same time nurturing a culture of growth, development and inspiration,” Gores said. “I’m beyond excited. This is a huge win for us.”

“I was able to spend some time with Monty and members of his family, and it was clear that he’s not only a great coach and leader, but a man of great character who shares our goal to be impactful on and off the court,” Gores said.

Bottom Line – A Winning Formula for the Pistons

The hiring of Williams as the Head Coach of the Pistons marks an exciting chapter in the team's history. The Pistons have secured a leader who not only possesses the necessary expertise but also embodies the values of growth, development, and inspiration. With Williams at the helm, the team is poised to make significant strides toward success, both on and off the court. The future looks bright for the Detroit Pistons under Williams' guidance.

“Dwane Casey, who has transitioned into a front office role, helped set the table and guided the early development of our young core. We now have a talented young team ready to step up to the next level, and I have committed to providing every resource possible to maximize their potential,” Gores added. “We are investing in Monty, and he is investing in us. We’re excited to have him.”


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