Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores discusses future of HC Dwane Casey

On Friday, the Detroit Pistons played their final home game of the 2021-22 season and owner Tom Gores was in attendance.

During halftime, Gores spoke to the media and when he was asked about whether or not Dwane Casey would be coaching the team for the 2022-23 season, he was straight to the point.

I want to see Dwane for more than next year. Dwane has threaded the needle this year. To lose a lot, and we’ve lost a lot of games, the key is … can you keep everyone’s spirit alive? So, his ability to keep everyone’s spirit alive, I think, is such a talent. He’s a great man, and we love each other, Dwane and I, but that’s not enough to win basketball games. But he understands how to keep these guys engaged while they’re going through a hard time. He’s threaded the needle. He has this ability to keep everyone inspired. The players love him, and I do, too, but the players love him.

As far as next season goes, Gores expects the Pistons to make a leap forward and that at this time next year, they will be playing meaningful games.

I do only because this team wants to win. You see them out there. They’re fighting and clawing. That’s the culture being built here. I do, but you can talk to the players about it. Their DNA now is to win. That’s their DNA.

Yeah, I think we’ll make a leap. I’m not going to make any predictions for Troy, but he has plans, too. We’ve been patient. Troy has had such a vision for every player, the kind of player he wants. That’s something Troy and I have been able to connect on; the kind of players we want. We’re fielding a great team, so you can ask Troy, but this team is only capable of competing. That’s just who they are. All of our players. They just want to compete.

Nation, do you think keeping Dwane Casey is the right move? If not, who should the Pistons try to hire?

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