Detroit Pistons player could have been Michigan QB, still roots for Wolverines

When it comes to professional athletes, many of them excelled in more than one sport at the high school level.

That is no different for Detroit Pistons SG Luke Kennard.

As we know, Kennard ended up going to Duke to play basketball but looking back, there was a chance that he went to Michigan to be the Wolverines quarterback. Kennard recently told the Detroit News that he was recruited as a quarterback by then Michigan head coach, Brady Hoke.

From Detroit News: 

“I didn’t play my senior year because I committed my junior year to Duke, so I decided not to play football,” Kennard said last month when the Pistons held training camp at Michigan’s Crisler Center. “Michigan was recruiting me when Hoke was here. I came up on a football visit as well.”

When asked about whether or not he had a rooting interest in Saturday's rivalry game between the Wolverines and Michigan State Spartans, Kennard did not hesitate to answer.

“I’ve been to Michigan football game before and never an MSU game and it was rocking at the Big House, so I have to go with Michigan,” Kennard said Thursday. “There’s a little history there, but nothing negative. I like Michigan State; it’s a good school but Michigan was on my radar for a while.”


3 Reasons why Michigan WILL defeat Michigan State

Unless you live under a rock, you certainly know by now that the Michigan Wolverines and Michigan State Spartans square off this Saturday. Ahhhh yes, campus vandalism and graffiti, insults, and general smack talk have already hit fever pitch.

But, as we begin to look towards the game itself on Saturday, all the makings for an incredible game are there. The Wolverines are coming off an absolute shellacking of the formerly No. 15 Wisconsin Badgers, while the Spartans did what most thought of as the unthinkable by going to Happy Valley and taking down the formerly No. 8 Penn State Nittany Lions.

While the Spartans may have taken down Goliath last weekend in Pennsylvania, they will absolutely NOT be able to do so two weeks in a row! Call it a hunch, premonition, or whatever you’d like. But mark my words: there is no chance Michigan State wins this game. Just to back it up, I’ve got three reasons why:

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