Detroit Pistons sign G D.J. Augustin

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TNT’s David Aldridge reported Sunday night that the Detroit Pistons have signed Chicago Bulls G D.J. Augustin. Augustin averaged 13.1 points and 4.4 assists in 71 games split between the Toronto Raptors and the Bulls last season and shot 40.1% from deep.

However, he flourished once he was traded from Toronto to the Bulls. With the Raptors, Augustin averaged 2.1 points and 2 assists and shot .091% from deep in 10 games. With the Bulls, those numbers shot up as he averaged 14.9 points and 5 assists and shot 41.1% from deep in 61 games. At $3 million per year, he’s a steal.

Another very good signing by Stan Van Gundy and company. Augustin is a very good point guard and once he got his opportunity in Chicago, he flourished. I like Augustin more than I like Will Bynum and he is more consistent than Bynum.

The problem with the Augustin signing is that he’s another point guard. With Brandon Jennings, Bynum, Peyton Siva, and Spencer Dinwiddie on the roster, that means there’s probably another move coming. Siva’s contract is non-guaranteed so Siva is probably off the roster. I doubt Jennings gets moved and Dinwiddie will miss time with the ACL injury. It’s a possibility that Bynum gets moved, but I doubt that happens any time soon. However, I think in a later time Bynum will be moved. I have a hunch that his time is running out in Detroit.

-Ky Carlin

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53 thoughts on “Detroit Pistons sign G D.J. Augustin”

  1. Like dj and bi as guards and they can play together smaller lineups for certain stretches in the game

  2. I hope Bynum is gone, can’t stand the guy. Augustin is better than him. He’s more consistent and he has a better jump shot.

  3. Hopefully it is Will Bynum and Brandon Jennings Especially Will Bynum has not played, a whole season since he been a piston.

  4. Reality check. Detroit has not made a relevant off season move in 20 years. Until they get a big gun, WHO CARES???

  5. Somebody gots to go
    I’m thinking Siva is not getting the contract…he can’t shoot…SVG likes a shooter

  6. Love both signing…now we need to see what is going to happen to josh moose and Jennings. This will be defining moments for SVG

  7. Let’s hear your argument to keep Bynum then we’ll see who sounds dumb….oh wait you already did….

  8. Will Bynum single handedly lost games for the pistons last season, he needs to find a new team. Am I the only one who watched every game??? We need a true point guard, watch Chris Paul or Russell Westbrook that’s what a true point guard does. Bynum is garbage. Our win-loss record is proof, see ya Bynomite….

  9. Please tell us fan’s this is not the only move the Pistons are going to make? Open up the purse strings and let’s sign a big free agent. Look at Mr.Ilitch spend some money and they will come. No one wants to play here because they know there is no chance for a championship hell as it is there is no chance for making the playoffs. There was a time when players wanted to come here bad boys era since then no one does. Good first step in hiring van Gundy but he can’t play on the court and without players hell Chuck Daily rest his soul couldn’t get this team to the playoffs. Bring in good players and the fans will return. Look at the Tigers Comerica park is full every game go back to the bad boys or the day’s with Rip,Chauncey, and the others that made us fan’s excited to come to games. We are sick of losing. The clippers use to be a joke look at them now championship contenders and the Pacers they were bad for a while and now they opened up the pocket book and now contenders. So I will get off my soapbox now please bring some talent here.

  10. Paul Daniels couldn’t of said it better brother I do say trade Smith for a small forward a stud tho not just someone who can stand in the corner waiting for the ball to shoot and miss

  11. First of all Russell Westbrook is not a real point guard, he’s a 2 playing point. He’s a shoot first pass 2nd gaurd. Will Bynum provides a spark off the bench and Jennings doesn’t want to come off the bench. Stucky probably won’t come back, so Butler will play some 2 gaurd . But the pistons need to try and get rid of Josh Smith and that big contact. And they can get a couple of good players. They don’t have to have a big time superstar. They didn’t when they won it all in 2004.They just need players who can play together.

  12. Seriously hope Bynum is apart of the Pistons past. Michael Jordan would be a less selfish point guard than that guy.

  13. GORES needs to learn how to write a check, look at chicago and the spurs and others, last place again for the pistons

  14. All you idiots begging for expensive free agents need to learn that’s what got us into this mess. Only free agents worth getting will not come here. We need to purge roster and build around young talent. .. Then we can attract nice free agents but it’s going to be a few years

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