Detroit Pistons sign Jodie Meeks; Cartier Martin

It was announced on Tuesday afternoon, on the first day of free agency, that the Detroit Pistons agreed in principle with Los Angeles Lakers free agent Jodie Meeks on a 3-year $19 million deal. Soon after it was announced that they had signed journeyman Cartier Martin to a 1-year deal. Deals can’t officially be signed until July 10.

Effectively, both signings vastly improve the Pistons’ 3-point shooting. Meeks averaged 15.7 points on 40.1% shooting from deep in his season with the Lakers. New head coach and President of Basketball Operations Stan Van Gundy said before free agency started that the team was looking at improving the 2-guard spot and the small forward spot. Meeks can play the 2 and he can play the 3 in a smaller lineup.

I think Meeks improves the team, the NBA is vastly moving towards “small ball” lineups that puts an emphasis on 3-point shooting. The Pistons were 29th in 3-point shooting last season and Meeks will definitely improve that ranking. Meeks will battle with Kentavious Caldwell-Pope for the Pistons starting 2-guard spot.

Martin is an NBA journeyman who split last season playing with the Atlanta Hawks and the Chicago Bulls. Martin averaged 5.6 points on 39.1% shooting from deep between the two teams. Again, Martin will help the team’s 3-point shooting percentage and he’s a pest defensively. He’ll get into his man defensively and he brings an edge.

I like both of the signings. I think Meeks is making a little bit too much, but he brings a huge need to the Pistons. Martin’s edge and toughness and 3-point shooting is also a must. I think the Van Gundy era has gotten off to a good start with these signings. These aren’t splashy moves, and if you’re not an NBA junkie then you’re probably going to have to google them, but they’re very good and solid moves that help the Pistons moving forward. Also, guys let’s give them a chance before we crucify them? Please?

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-Ky Carlin

Twitter: @gettinbuckets91/@Ky_Carlin



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35 thoughts on “Detroit Pistons sign Jodie Meeks; Cartier Martin”

  1. Ok….how ’bout —do you think, based on what’s happened so far, can they compete and/or win…..deep?

  2. We need….a presence…..a reason…..for talent to strive to be a Piston. Starts with money… doubt. ….but what else?

  3. Right away no down the road a little maybe but need to get lucky n land a superstar thru the draft

  4. Need players to want to come play with drummond hes the best young talented center in the game that can run the floor like rodman n ben wallace

  5. Trey Burke knew they system to well they didn’t want too risk getting played

  6. So agree with U Bro Anderson! Bro Griffin, U dreamin man! We talkin bout R Pistons! I Love em, but ANYTHING being 2 much like RIGHT, we don’t do. C’mon son ~

  7. Detroit signed a player name Cartier, the irony lol one problem.I know he played with Washington thanks to nba2k but wtf has he ever done? Better of signing a player that didn’t get drafted if you ask me

  8. The pistons will never be over .500 until they land a closer. Not one of these players have it in them.

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