Detroit Pistons All-Time Starting Lineup

When looking back through the storied history of the Detroit Pistons, there have certainly been some outstanding players (and coaches) along the way. Because of that, it was not easy to come up with what I believe the Pistons all-time starting lineup would look like.

My first hurdle was that my plan was to include PG, SG, PF, SF, and C but that quickly changed when I wanted both Isiah Thomas and Dave Bing (point guards) in my lineup. So, I switched to G, G, F, F, and C to make myself happy.

I also hoped to squeeze Ben Wallace (center) onto the roster but Bob Lanier is a no-brainer at the position and I believe Dennis Rodman was a better defender and rebounder than Ben, so there was no room at forward either.

In terms of coaching? Do you really even need to ask?

When all was said and done, my Detroit Pistons all-time starting lineup is made up of five Hall of Fame players and a Hall of Fame head coach. It looks like a winning team to me!

G – Isiah Thomas

G – Dave Bing

F – Grant Hill

F – Dennis Rodman

C – Bob Lanier

Head Coach – Chuck Daly


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