Detroit Red Wings: Deciding Ville Husso’s Fate Amid Goalkeeping Crisis

Ville Husso’s tenure with the Detroit Red Wings has become a major point of discussion as the team looks toward future improvements. Initially joining with hopes of stabilizing the goaltending position, Husso faced immense challenges this past season, significantly impacting his performance and future with the team. Throughout the season, Husso’s attempts to regain form were thwarted by persistent injuries, notably not finishing a single game post-December 16 due to recurring lower-body issues first sustained in a game against the Anaheim Ducks.

Ville Husso

His ill-fated return attempts were followed by concerning underperformance, including an instance where he re-injured himself merely 8:48 into a game against the Edmonton Oilers. His campaign was plagued by a disappointing .892 save percentage and a 3.55 goals-against average, placing him unfavorably in league-wide goaltending rankings.

Red Wings Overall Goaltending Struggle

The Red Wings’ netminding woes weren’t isolated to Husso. None of the team’s goaltenders, including Alex Lyon and James Reimer, broke into the top 50 for GAA or save percentage across the NHL, collectively reflecting a broader issue within the squad. Detroit’s General Manager, Steve Yzerman, emphasized the need for overarching improvements, remarking that every segment, from goalies to forwards, must enhance their defensive capabilities to better guard the net.

Even if the Red Wings were able to trade Husso, that would only create another problem. They will need to add two NHL-capable goalies to the roster in a summer when the goalie market is remarkably thin.

“It’s an interesting position right now around the league in goaltending in that everyone is looking for a goaltender, whether it’s a 1 or a 2 or a 3,” Yzerman said. “Most teams need three goalies.”

“It’s my job to try to look to see if I can improve our team in any which way and I will do that at every position…”

Steve Yzerman –

What Lies Ahead for Ville Husso?

Entering the off-season, Husso’s future with the Red Wings hangs in the balance, given there’s still one year left on his contract with a $4.75 million AAV. The possibility of a trade looms but is complicated by his recent injury history and underwhelming stats. Moreover, the upcoming summer presents a thin market for goaltenders, posing additional challenges for Detroit should they opt to trade Husoo and seek adequate replacements.

Yzerman hinted at an actively explorative stance in the goalie market, aiming to improve the team’s situation through potential strategic acquisitions. As for Husso’s direct substitutes from within the organization, prospects like Sebastian Cossa and Trey Augustine are considered not yet ready for regular NHL responsibilities.

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