Detroit Red Wings: Dominik Kubalík will add scoring upside

The Detroit Red Wings going out and signing Dominik Kubalík only adds to the scoring upside for this team in 2022-23.

The Detroit Red Wings went out and signed Dominik Kubalík this offseason which only added to the team's depth and also help them piece together some added scoring. Kubalík is likely to be stationed in the team's middle-six group of forwards and be a third-line option for the most part and will bring some scoring depth in that spot.

It was a simple two-year $5 million contract that got Kubalík to join the Detroit Red Wings and is one of those deals that is a low-risk, high-reward type of signing. After all, Pius Suter got a two-year, $6.25 million contract from the Red Wings after his 27-point performance in the shortened 2020-21 season.

For the Red Wings, Kubalík should be viewed as a steal. While he tallied the same amount of points as Suter in 2021-22, Kubalík has a knack for scoring. The Red Wings got a good one with this signing. While it's not to say he will be scoring 60 goals and morph into a first-line name, rather that he will lock in a middle-six role with the Red Wings and possibly become linemates with Suter for a solid combination.

The bottom line is that there's going to be some added scoring from Kubalík's addition, knowing that he is someone who can score goals and find the back of the net often. It's something the Red Wings greatly needed, especially for the middle-six of their depth chart, so this move will work out great.

Detroit Red Wings signing Dominik Kubalík benefits scoring upside.

Kubalík has spent the last three seasons with the Chicago Blackhawks and is heading into the 2022-23 season at 27 years old, where he'll join the Red Wings' core of forwards. The Detroit Red Wings hope he can tap into his scoring touch and hopefully find the back of the net often.

Kubalík is coming off a 15-goal and 17-assist performance to capture 36 points over 78 games. He scored 30 goals in his first season, getting things cut short after 68 games due to the pandemic. He bounced back on the other side of the stoppage, scoring 17 goals and adding 21 assists through 56 games played in 2020-21.

Now, in 2022-23, the Red Wings are hoping he can bring some scoring to the Red Wings' middle-six forwards. As was mentioned above, the team scooped up Suter from the Blackhawks as well, and now the two may become linemates. There's reason to be excited about Kubalík and what he could bring to the table.

As the Red Wings prepare to head into the season, expect Kubalík to be a source of offense. If he can above 20 goals and push towards 30 this season, it will be a victory for the Red Wings. Especially at a $2.5 million price point, it's a move that will be efficient for the team if Kubalík pans out.

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The odds seem to be in his favor; he's proven he can score in the NHL and find the back of the net, with a surrounding cast that should be better than the Red Wings had in 2021-22; I like Kubalík's odds to find some more offense in the tank in 2022-23.