Detroit Red Wings Drop Heated Match to Ottawa, 4-2

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The Detroit Red Wings drop a chippy, angry game to the Ottawa Senators 4-2.

The Red Wings had one thing in mind when puck dropped on tonight’s rematch with the Senators; revenge. They wanted payback for the embarrassment they endured at the hands of Ottawa in their last meeting. They would manage to open  the scoring, too, at 13:23 in the waning moments of a power play. Tomas Tatar let off a shot towards the Ottawa net at goaltender Robin Lehner. Darren Helm managed to tip the puck on the way, redirecting it into the net to make it 1-0 Wings. The equalizer would come just 1:10 later, when Clarke MacArthur got a loose puck in front of Jimmy Howard that bounced off Kyle Quincey’s skate. He made the shot that Howard saved, but hammered in his own rebound to make it 1-1. They’d take the lead on an unfortunate play that resulted directly from a Brendan Smith turnover. Chris Neil took control off the turnover and put it on Howard. He saved it, but it would bounce off of Smith and head back into the goal just before Howard could get his stick out to scoop it up. Detroit outshot Ottawa in the first period 17-7.

The second period is where the atmosphere in the game when relatively dark. Smith and Neil went a round roughly halfway through the period. After the fight, both sides got noticeably more chippy with their play. Lots of slashes and overly-finished checks. Helm and Johan Franzen both took slashes to the backs of their knees with no calls on either. The ugly period ended again with Detroit leading in shots 23-18.

The third period was probably the most ugly example of hockey by any team this season. Detroit scored early on the carryover of a 5-on-3 from the previous period. Pavel Datsyuk threw the puck from the bottom of the faceoff circle across the mouth of the goal. It bounced off a defender’s leg on the way and redirected into the net at 1:08 to tie the game 2-2. Ottawa responded at 3:51, when Bobby Ryan took a pas on a 5-on-3 at the bottom of the faceoff circle and one-timed the puck past Howard to take the lead again 3-2. They’d get their insurance goal on another power play, this time a very bad call on Niklas Kronwall that should have been coinciding interference minors. At 15:58, Howard save a blast from the point and let off a quick rebound that was stuffed 5-hole into the net by MacArthur for his second of the night, to make the final score of 4-2. Shots overall were 36-29 for Detroit.

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A terribly officiated game. I try really hard not to be the guy pointing at the TV and complaining that a game got robbed from us by officiating, but there’s no question with this one. Granted we were given a few soft calls, there were far more missed or called against us that very clearly shouldn’t have been, and it was pathetic. I mean come on, Datsyuk takes the full brunt of an elbow to the jaw and no call whatsoever? Next game is tomorrow afternoon against the Buffalo Sabres when they’ll “unveil” the third jerseys that everyone already knows the appearance of. See you then, Nation.

-Nathan Webb


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16 thoughts on “Detroit Red Wings Drop Heated Match to Ottawa, 4-2”

  1. I don’t understand why Mike Babcock won’t give Jonas Gustavsson another start in the goal for the Detroit Red Wings.

  2. Entire team gets their faces shoved in the mud the whole match, and all anyone complains about is the goaltending. #HockeyKnowledge

  3. Howard hasn’t been awful. And since we love to play the blame game, let me take this opportunity to personally give Kyle Quincey the middle finger. That trade was worse than the Samuelsson, Cleary, and Tootoo deals combined. Thanks Kyle, you POS.

  4. Circus just about covers it. Helluva game, and not in a good way. I think we’ve got a good rivalry brewing with them – just hoping it’s one we’ll end up winning.

  5. Quincey is a waste of payroll. Went at the toast of the hockey town last week and I took a picture with every single player… Then I saw him standing there and wasn’t even a line to get a picture or autograph from him… I hate him

  6. Agreed that Howard isn’t alone. The Wings don’t have anyone to park themselves in front of the net, a la Tomas Holmstrom. BTW, Quincey is still bad. Need to get DeKeyser back asap.

  7. Just struggling lately. You can see the intensity is there but this has been a rough patch. And yes, Quincey more often than not is just bad. Look no further than his absolutely awful plus/minus.

  8. We need a tough guy and play physical so when you play Detroit you feel it !!!
    Me I would cut Bert, Cleary, Sammy, Quincey, Miller, Weiss, Alfredsson, Smith and make sure Eaves does not come back and I know can not just straight up cut people but I would not re- sign at these guys and I could go on but why !!!! Is our playoff run over I hope I brag that they have made the playoffs for over 20 years but really it’s a old system that need a new feel and look in Detroit and sorry but Babcock seems like he’s getting mad as well and it making for a tough coaching job for him and Holland is suspect ….

  9. “We need tough guys/physical players”, but let’s cut 75% of our physical players completely? Makes sense.

  10. Those players are dead weight you know that I know that do yeah it makes sense look at teams like Boston and let’s say Vancouver or Neal on Ottawa tough and physical our teams is big payroll and light hits, dancing around.I Been a fan of the Wings for many years was at the Joe in 1985 when it was the dead wings era place was a ghost town those players highlighted in my earlier post are weak and it’s a fact we could of when after a player like Clarkson from the Maple Leafs creates havoc and score a goal tonight I would of did anything as a organization to get players like a Shea Weber or Doan but we signed Weiss and Alfredsson really !!!

  11. I have to wonder if any of you have ever played hockey or if you just think you’re a genius about it because you catch a game on tv..
    Oh 4 goals against? Burn Howard at the stake and cut the whole team and start from scratch.. And sign a bunch of goons.. Like.. Are you serious right now?

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