Detroit Red Wings’ Dylan Larkin give thoughts on Steve Yzerman taking over as GM

On April 19, Steve Yzerman was officially announced as the next GM of the Detroit Red Wings.

For 22 seasons, Yzerman wore the Red Wings’ sweater and tons of kids (and adults) looked up to him as one of the best hockey players in the league.

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One of those kids was current Red Wings’ center, Dylan Larkin.

Larkin, who was at his annual Larkin Hockey School in Waterford, spoke to WXYZ about his thoughts on Yzerman returning to the Motor City.

From WXYZ:

“It’s pretty cool. It’s obviously changed a lot for our team and what he’s done with the Tampa Bay Lightning is pretty impressive. I hope he can bring that factor of finding great players that can play with players like myself and Anthony Mantha, Andreas (Athanasiou), (Tyler) Bert(uzzi),” he said.

“We have a good core of players and if we can add a couple more key players, it’s gonna be a lot of fun for a lot of years for us,” Larkin added.

He said he had not yet talked much with Yzerman, but pointed out the Draft was an obvious priority for his new boss.

Larkin also has no plans to make any suggestions to Yzerman’s plans as the Red Wings GM.

“I play the game. I love the game. He loves the game as well, and what he’s done with Tampa is just special. The team they had this year, he built that team. So I just play the game, and he’s a manager. He’s gonna manage our team and do what he thinks is necessary for our team. I trust he’s gonna do that.”

Nation, how long do you think it will take for ‘THE Captain’ to name Larkin as the Red Wings’ next captain?

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