Detroit Red Wings land Leon Draisaitl in suggested trade

For the Detroit Red Wings, it's already the offseason and that means there will be plenty of speculation, rumors, and suggestions surfacing everywhere about what GM Steve Yzerman should or should not do to make the team better.

Some of those suggestions make a ton of sense and others seem rather bold.

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While surfing the web this afternoon, we came across an article from Matthew Kendziuk of that suggests the Red Wings trade for Edmonton Oilers star center, Leon Draisaitl.

Detroit Red Wings land Leon Draisaitl in suggested trade

Kendziuk suggests the Detroit Red Wings package the following to pry Leon Draisaitl (and the contract of Oscar Klefbom) from the Oilers:

Here is Kendziuk's rationale for both the Red Wings and the Oilers making this trade:
Why the Oilers Should Consider

While giving up a super star in the league, they have proven that they do not have the depth to be serious contenders. McDavid, Draisaitl, Nugent-Hopkins, and Nurse assume almost $35 million of the Oilers cap, preventing them from being able to sign quality depth options. With this trade they pick up three top-nine options, a capable puck-moving defenseman, and assets in the draft.

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Why the Wings should Consider

They need a star forward and an elite level center. The trade gives the Wings flexibility to move Larkin to the wing or provide the captain better matchups. His experience of being “the man” over the past few seasons will allow him to be even more effective in his 200-foot game. Hronek is replaceable with prospects in the system, the draft, or free agency.

While Vrana is trade piece that the fans will miss, his ability and skillset will be enticing to the Oilers; you must give up something good to get something good. Veleno has a top six potential. It may be difficult to give up a prospect like Joey V but with the Wings having a high-end prospect pool; he is expendable

Nation, if you were Detroit Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman, would you make this trade for Leon Draisaitl if it was on the table?
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    • Ask yourself if you would trade Seider for Barrie, Hyman, Hollaway, and a 2022 1st.

      Because that’s essentially what you just suggested here for Draisaitl, who is a Top 5 player in the league. This is horrible.

    • Umm huh?? Maybe throw in Seider and it would be a fair trade. Otherwise straight up delusional.. wow

  1. Why would Edmonton trade Draisaitl, one of the best players on the planet (the guy just put up 2 points/game and broke multiple records on 1 leg) for 2nd & 3rd liners? Why not trade other players such as Kassian, Smith, Barrie etc to free cap and trade picks for depth or sign them in FA.

    • The answer to that would be it gives them more depth while keeping their star player in Mcdavid. Clearly just having a single star line wasn’t enough to win a cup and that trade could change that by giving them more depth .

      • They made the final 4. They have a good number of players moving up into the organization. That would be a horrible trade. Plus he is only making 8.5 million. How bout this you can have Nurse. Lol go kick rocks.

        • How about dumping Nurse who is an absolute pylon no hockey sense and 9 million a year. Problem is no one will take him and will be an albatross around the Oilers necks for years to come. Who ever gave this stiff his contract should be fired.

      • They made it to the WCFs with 2 of their top players very injured…

        If you think they’re suddenly gonna blow it up by trading their best value forward for a bunch of “depth”… lol I dunno what to say. You must think Holland is a complete fool I guess.

    • People don’t seem to understand what a NMC or a M-NTC mean. Even if he put Detroit on his 10 team list, 1 first round pick and a hand full of nobodies are not going to get Leon.

  2. That’s a pretty crazy trade scenario. The only way Draisaitl would move anywhere it would be for a starting goalie of the calibre of Carey Price or Vasilevsky. You can forget any other reason that this trade would ever happen for a bunch of nobodies, even if Detroit fans think they’re good young players

  3. Another sports writer commenting on how the oilers can’t go deep. What is one round before the finals? What an idiot for saying that. And for this trade….garbage unless a top caliber goalie is in the works. I can write better sports columns than this. Everyone needs to understand that the Oilers will win the cup they are very close we seen it this year.

  4. The Oilers make the final 4 in the playoffs and they have proven to be non-contenders?
    The Oilers want it NOW, not a bunch of guys with “potential”. Not going to happen. Yzerman would want it, but Holland isn’t stupid. And Yzerman isn’t stupid enough to think that this would work. Draisaitl is top 5 in the world. Get real.

  5. Matthew Kendzuik is on drugs. There’s no way the Oilers are trading Leon. He has the audacity to claim “the Oilers don’t have any depth to be contenders”, yet they went to the WCF. Their star defenceman played with a broken hip rotator. Leon battled through a serious ankle injury. One of their depth players, Yamamoto, was the victim of a head hunting elbow that removed him from the series. Considering they had scoring on all lines….depth is there. The Oilers GM made it clear that, due to cap restraints brought on by previous GMs, his first several years would see the team only make the playoffs. Next year the have more money and will add to the lineup, not empty it.
    Maybe Matthew should educate himself to Edmonton’s situation before making foolish suggestions. Have to admit, it gave me a good laugh.

  6. Umm huh?? Maybe throw in Seider and it would be a fair trade. Otherwise straight up delusional.. wow

  7. And I thought the Toronto Maple Leafs fan forums were comical with their trade proposals. This ranks with the “best” of them.

  8. Crazy trade ideas are always out there it appears and writers of articles are not immune from the disease. No way any of these dreamed up trades where top players are involved without major and likely prohibitive value going back are even close to reality. IT would be like the Wings trading Seider. Kings ransom to make a deal like that and no team is stupid enough to pay it, and Yzerman is not even interested so ?? why even discuss it. Just foolish to even suggest it.

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