Red Wings close Joe Louis Arena with tribute video that will give you chills

Joe Louis Arena taken by DSN Wings editor Jeff Deacon

The Detroit Red Wings closed Joe Louis Arena in style on Sunday evening, defeating the New Jersey Devils 4-1 in front of a raucous sold out crowd that featured over 90 alumni in attendance.

Over the past couple weeks, we’ve seen tribute videos pour in from many media outlets including FOX Sports Detroit and NBC. They were all outstanding, but following Detroit’s victory on Sunday, the Red Wings sent out one of their own. One that will without a doubt give you chills. You can watch it below:

Detroit called The Joe home for 38 years and many of the fans, including myself, consider the iconic rink a part of our childhood. Countless Red Wings games, college hockey games, and concerts took place at this famed arena, and things just won’t be the same once this building is torn down.

As we look forward to the new Little Caesars Arena, there are just a few things I hope the Wings keep as they move about a mile uptown. For one, the goal horn. The goal horn is one of a kind in the NHL today and every time the Wings score, it’s sound hums through the rink like a train. It’s unique and something that needs to be placed for all to hear in LCA. Second, I hope they keep the Bud Lynch voiceover letting us know there’s one minute left in the period. Lynch was the PA announcer at Joe Louis Arena for so many years, and his iconic pipes will sound great at the new barn. Lastly, the boards. I already know that the boards are unlikely to be moved from Joe Louis to the new arena, but I can dream right? The JLA boards were one of a kind in the NHL and had a special sort of bounce to them that caused pucks to fling back into scoring areas after they hit a back wall. Those things will be missed.

Thanks for the memories, Joe.