Detroit Red Wings remove Jakub Vrana from active roster, fans panic

    After posting two points for the Detroit Red Wings in their first two wins to open up the 2022-23 season, Jakub Vrana missed Monday night's game against the Los Angeles Kings due to personal reasons.

    On Wednesday, Vrana was removed from the Red Wings' active roster on their official website, causing many fans to panic.

    Why is Jakub Vrana missing from the Detroit Red Wings' official website?

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    Calm down, folks! Yes, Jakub Vrana is currently dealing with some personal issues, and we certainly wish him all the best, but just because he is not on the current active roster does not mean he is no longer on the team.

    As Max Bultman of The Athletic explained in a tweet, according to the NHL's CBA, “if a player is unavailable for any reason other than illness, injury or disability, they can be designated a “non-roster player” while away so as not to count against the active roster limit.”

    When will Jakub Vrana return to the Red Wings?

    Jakub Vrana Detroit Red Wings

    At this time there have not been any updates from the Red Wings as to what is going on with Vrana, and we do not want to speculate as to what may or may not be going on in his personal life.

    All we can do is send our best wishes to him and hope that everything is good in his life and that he is able to return soon, as he is one of the Red Wings' best goal-scorers.

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    1. Injuries and now personal reasons. Is he ever going to give us a full season? I hate to see him go, but could SY get tired of it and use him in a trade?

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