Detroit sports gambler sentenced in Toledo Rockets bribery case

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Detroit gambler Ghazi “Gary” Manni has been sentenced to a 70-month jail sentence as a result of his plea deal with his involvement in fixing University of Toledo sporting events from 2004-2006 along with other various crimes as well. The report via ESPN includes details that Manni had paid individuals involved in the Rockets’ basketball and football games along with his sentence including “bribery at Toledo, the fixing of horse races, $1.4 million in food stamp fraud and a gun crime. As part owner of a grocery store, he and others paid cash to food stamp recipients in exchange for taking a larger amount off their debit-style card, cheating the government.”.

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The judge in the case stated that Manni was that “”He was the prime actor in those conspiracies,” and adding that “The result of his actions was not simply to degrade those sport or athletic events. He also ended up destroying the careers of the people he bribed, the athletes at the University of Toledo and at least one jockey.”


The players involved in the bribery included seven former University of Toledo players. Among those included:

Adam Cuomo, a running back, was the first player in the conspiracy and recruited others, according to the government. Quinton Broussard received more than $2,000 in cash or goods, including $100 to fumble in the 2005 GMAC Bowl.

Basketball player Keith Triplett received or delivered to other players between $2,000 and $5,000. He was Toledo’s leading scorer during three of his four seasons.”



The sentencing comes before Manni’s partner, Mitchell “Ed” Karam, goes on trial on June 30th for his involvement in the sport fixing case. The issue with Karam’s case however will be that Karam is at the age of 80, making sentencing harder to determine.


Original ESPN report on the sentencing can be found here.


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