Detroit Tigers: 3 players on the chopping block with a new GM

The Detroit Tigers have fired Al Avila; with that being said, they could see some roster turnover. Here are three players in danger.

The Detroit Tigers shook things up big time on Wednesday when they fired their General Manager (GM) Al Avila. It leaves a vacancy that is going to take time to fill. As the Tigers go ahead and work through that process, it could lead to an extensive overhaul of the team's roster.

It's not to say that the Detroit Tigers are going to settle on a new GM and trade everyone this offseason, but things could certainly be heading towards a shift. After all, a new GM will want his staff, personnel, and players. Whoever the Tigers hire will have to make moves to leave their mark on the Tigers.

While the fanbase is hoping that “mark” takes them to a World Series championship, it will lead to some things being shaken up. This could lead to turmoil in the roster with trades, DFA's, and a plethora of moves. With that being said, several players should start worrying.

The chopping block is going to come out, and the Tigers are going to make moves. Here are some players who could be first on the list of players on the way out, given the Tigers' recent news. Even if that does not happen until a new GM is hired.

Given that the trade deadline has passed and DFA'ing guys left and right at the moment does not do much, I'd expect Sam Menzin to be quiet for now, getting his ducks in a row to steer the ship towards open water. Some of these players may have been on the chopping block either way, but with a new GM, these players seem much easier to include on this list.

Detroit Tigers' new GM could shake things up, here's who should worry.

Akil Baddoo

The Detroit Tigers took a gamble on Akil Baddoo as a Rule-5 draft pick in 2021. He took the league by storm and was able to really start capturing the eyes of the fanbase. He performed well, succeeding in the batters' box and looking like he might be a future impact player for this team.

If you took that year out of consideration and only showed someone his .140/.208/.183 slash line over 93 at-bats with 27 punchies in 2022; they'd probably be ready to cut ties with him too. But, Baddoo did show some flashes in 2021 of being a future everyday big leaguer, or at least a steady big-league bat.

As 2022 wraps up, it's hard to see Baddoo getting a warm welcome back for the 2023 season. After the struggles he's shown, it might be time to cut ties with him. While he's exempt from his Rule 5 status now and can be optioned, traded, or designated for assignment. It might be time to designate him for assignment; if he gets claimed, so be it.

Tucker Barnhart

The Detroit Tigers appeared as the victors of their trade with the Cincinnati Reds this offseason, where they picked up Tucker Barnhart in exchange for a former second-round pick, Nick Quintana. The Tigers assumed that Barnhart would lock down their catching position and be a steady option behind the dish.

Upon signing, he immediately signed a $7.5 million contract with the Tigers for the 2022 season. While he is not under contract for the 2023 season, after this year's performance, it is most certainly time to move on and re-instill faith in Jake Rogers or hope that Dillon Dingler has things figured out.

Barnhart has slashed .198/.258/.228 with 61 punchouts over 197 at-bats for the Tigers in 2022. It's been a horrid performance, and the Tigers need to pack it in and move on. It sucks to have lost Quintana on the other end, but at the end of the day, that's why the Tigers are searching for a new general manager.

Jonathan Schoop

Another veteran big leaguer the Detroit Tigers need to move on from is Jonathan Schoop. While he is due for a $7.5 million paycheck in 2023, the Tigers need to figure out a way to move on from Schoop. He's owed money, and designating him for assignment could be an option, though expensive.

The point is, he's someone the team needs to move on. Schoop has slashed .203/.238/.310 over 390 at-bats in 2022. While he's trudged on through the season, it's time to move on. While I was thrilled when Schoop signed his extension with the team, his performance in 2022 has been brutal.

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He has put together some real lackadaisical at-bats and brutal swings. Not that Javier Báez has not swung through just as many sliders or Barnhart has popped out just as much, but it's a much different Schoop than we have seen in recent years. It's time to move on from the veteran infielder.


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