A.J. Hinch is not at fault for Detroit Tigers struggles

The Detroit Tigers have been off to an abysmal start in 2022 as we approach the second half of June. The Tigers are  24-38, possessing the fourth-worst record in the American League (AL) Central, being ahead of only the Kansas City Royals, who are 21-41 and in last place.

The Detroit Tigers struggle to do much of anything in the run column. Their offense is in the depths of the league and has not shown any signs of climbing out of the trenches. After the team's recent beatdown by the Chicago White Sox, where they were defeated 13-0, there was a players-only meeting leading to the media being kept out of the team's clubhouse.

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Something has to give. At this point, the Tigers are just trying to get things back on track, looking like a competent big league team, something they have not shown in some time. Manager A.J. Hinch is not the problem. There are going to be some haters who call for Hinch's head, but he is not the problem.

In reality, Hinch has done the best he can with the team, and Al Avila is to be blamed for this struggle. Hinch has not done anything wrong; instead, he's doing his best with a severely underperforming team. He was brought in to be a coach leading the team to a competitive state, which has quickly become a pipe dream.

Detroit Tigers manager A.J. Hinch should not be blamed for the team's struggles.

The Tigers faithful need to be calling for Avila's head, not Hinch. The Tigers' offense cannot even find ways to produce runs; if anything, hitting coach Scott Coolbaugh needs to be on the hot seat, not Hinch. Moving forward, there's got to be trust in Hinch to get the job done when the team on the field gets it together.

With a 40-run differential between the Tigers and Pirates, the team sits in last place for runs scored during the 2022 season. The Tigers are in the top-1o of the league for runs allowed, speaking to the fact that the team's pitching staff is in good hands with Chris Fetter.

Hinch is doing his job at the highest level he can; the offense needs an overhaul at the coaching position. Coolbaugh needs to go and needs to be relieved of his duties. In the meantime, Hinch should feel comfortable about his job security. being embarrassed about his performance is acceptable, but he should not be worried about being fired.

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It's not his fault; the team on the field in front of him is struggling to get the job done. A heavy majority of the team looks lost in the batters' box. The team chases pitches, takes far too many strikes, and fails to capitalize on the right pitches.

While this may all be coming from the armchair coach/GM, it's hard to watch these professionals carry out at-bats with such low-effort swings and low effort overall. At the end of the day, Hinch is not at fault. Maybe he needs to try and get the guys bought back in and get them rolling again, but he does not have much to offer when the players continue to struggle.

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As the season continues, the Tigers are going to have to rely on Hinch to keep working to manage his team back to a competitive level, and by competitive, I do not mean postseason-level; I mean competitive enough to record 27 outs without allowing thirteen runs, and maybe putting up four or five runs a game.

Detroit Tigers fans, do not blame Hinch; the blame should be directed at Scott Coolbaugh or Al Avila.

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  1. FINALLY someone points the finger at the hitting coach after months of watching high-priced talent flail away at the plate.

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