Al Avila handling the Detroit Tigers trade deadline is terrifying

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The Detroit Tigers are approaching the trade deadline as the second half is underway, with the deadline being slated for August 2nd. Al Avila is the Tigers’ fearless leader; frankly, the team should be worried about how things may shake out ahead of the deadline.

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The Detroit Tigers organization needs a change in the front office, and they could start by getting rid of Avila. As the trade deadline inches closer, it’s just another spot for Avila to further divert this team from the track they were on coming into the 2022 season.

As the Tigers inch closer and closer to the deadline, they will begin trying to ship off some talent to any team who may bite. It seems like a teardown of the team is imminent. While I do not entirely mean that the Tigers are going to ship off Javier Báez, but players that can be replaced or are on short-term contracts may be in the hot seat.

But with Avila running the show, the fanbase has to be panicking about what this could mean moving forward. Given some of the trades that the Tigers have pulled the string on in recent years, there’s going to be some nervousness about what could unfold.

Detroit Tigers heading into the trade deadline with Al Avila is frightening.

When it comes to the expectations, it feels like the Tigers will go out and try and make some moves, shipping off some bullpen pieces or even sacrificing a bat or two. There will be players that could be traded, no shock there.

With names like Gregory Soto, Michael Fulmer, or possibly even Jeimer Candelario. There is no certainty on who may or may not be on the table, but I’d expect the Tigers to try and flip some players for some prospect depth. The point is that the Tigers are in a position where Avila could make things worse. They have bullpen arms that should be for sale; they need to capitalize on them.

Avila has made some questionable trades over the years, and they have not always looked so great on the flipside. With the deadline approaching, this could mean more bad trades are on the way. Avila is no stranger to dumping a player they may be able to get something for in exchange for a bucket of baseballs.

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As the Tigers fans prepare for what’s to come. Expect the bad trades. Expect a deal where the Tigers give up someone who should hypothetically be able to produce a decent return, getting nearly nothing in return. The best example I can think of is the Shane Greene deal which has not looked great.

Hindsight is 20/20 as Travis Demeritte kicked off the 2022 season quite hot with the Atlanta Braves, and Joey Wentz has battled injuries, but it’s a struggle. On top of this, The Tigers have been quiet in recent years at the trade deadline.

The Tigers fans should be ready for some small trade that nets the team a “meh” prospect. There have been a few smaller trades but nothing major in recent years. Just a Daniel Norris trade to acquire Reese Olson and a Cameron Maybin trade for Zack Short.

Avila at the helm is disappointing. It truly feels like a change in leadership is needed for the Tigers organization, especially after the rebuild was declared to be over, according to Avila.

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