Detroit Tigers asking price for Tarik Skubal, Gregory Soto

By W.G. Brady  - Senior News Desk Writer
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Detroit Tigers, Tarik Skubal

The 2022 Major League Baseball trade deadline is just days away and there has been plenty of speculation about who the Detroit Tigers will or will not trade. Included in that speculation are SP Tarik Skubal and RP Gregory Soto.

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According to a previous report Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, the Detroit Tigers are willing to trade “just about everyone,” including Skubal.

Rosenthal noted that one source told him that the Tigers are trying to get a big return for Skubal.

From The Athletic:

The Tigers “gave us a blanket that just about everyone is available,” one official said. Another speculated the Tigers are trying to be opportunistic and extract a big return for Skubal from teams that might strike out on the Reds’ Luis Castillo and the Athletics’ Frankie Montas, the best starting pitchers known to be available.

Tigers general manager Al Avila declined comment.

Don't expect these Tigers to be here next week

Detroit Tigers asking price for Tarik Skubal, Gregory Soto

On Sunday morning, Jon Morosi reported that the Detroit Tigers are taking a similar approach with Tarik Skubal and Gregory Soto.

From Jon Morosi:

“They will engage in trade talks if a team offers multiple high-impact players, at or near the MLB level. If that doesn’t happen, the Tigers are happy to keep both,” Morosi tweeted.

According to our own Tyler Kotila, the Tigers need to build around Tarik Skubal rather than trading him.

Here is some of what Kotila had to say about the Tigers holding on to Skubal.

The Tigers need pieces they can build around. As the team continues to work through a rebuild that many thought was over, they are in a position where they need to continue building out the roster and pitching staff once again. Skubal may not be some highly coveted ace heading for a Stephen Strasburg or Max Scherzer mega-contract, but he’s got the stuff.

Skubal has the makings of a no.2 or no.3 starter who can help be an anchor in the rotation, following up the stud no.1 arm. For the Tigers, the hope is that this is Casey Mize. Getting very hypothetical, the team also gets Spencer Turnbull back in 2023, leaving the top of the rotation in a much better spot.

Nation, would you trade Tarik Skubal if you were the Detroit Tigers? What about Gregory Soto? If so, what would the return package have to look like?

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