Detroit Tigers broadcast team ranked… REALLY low

Awful Announcing has released their annual MLB Broadcast Team Rankings, and the Detroit Tigers broadcast team may not want to read this.

It's that time of the year again when baseball enthusiasts eagerly await the release of Awful Announcing's annual MLB local broadcaster rankings. As Detroit Tigers fans, we've grown accustomed to our fair share of ups and downs, both on the field and in the broadcast booth. However, this year's rankings have hit the Tigers broadcast team like a curveball, as they find themselves at the bottom of the heap.

Detroit Tigers broadcast team

Disheartening Ranking for Detroit Tigers Broadcast Team

The Awful Announcing rankings placed the Detroit Tigers broadcast team dead last among all 30 MLB teams with a dismal score of 1.55. Ouch, that one stings! It's not an honor anyone in the Tigers' broadcast booth would have wanted, but let's delve into the analysis and see what led to this disappointing outcome.

The Underperforming Team

The current Tigers broadcast team comprises play-by-play announcer Matt Shepard, along with analysts Kirk Gibson and Craig Monroe. Although they have been at the helm for a few years now, they have yet to win the hearts of viewers and fans. Awful Announcing's survey indicated that the most common grade given to the Tigers team was a plain old “C,” which doesn't exactly inspire confidence in the broadcast quality.

The Glorious Past and Decline

To provide some context, the Tigers broadcast team had shown promise in previous rankings, finishing 11th in 2014, 15th in 2016, 19th in 2017, 23rd in 2018, and 28th in 2019. However, ever since the beloved Mario Impemba and Rod Allen duo parted ways a few years ago, things have been on a downward trajectory for the Tigers' broadcasting efforts.

Impemba and Allen had built a substantial fan base during their tenure and were well-liked by many, making their departure a tough pill to swallow. The decline in the Tigers' broadcast rankings since their departure reflects the difficulty the team has had in finding a dynamic and engaging duo to fill their shoes.

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The Importance of Chemistry and Wit

While it's easy to point fingers and assign blame, the truth is that creating a successful broadcast team is no small task. Chemistry, wit, and charm are just a few of the many elements that go into the making of an outstanding broadcasting duo. The current team's grades in the past years – 2.46 in 2014, 2.39 in 2016, 2.25 in 2017, 2.08 in 2018, and 1.66 in 2019 – indicate that they have not quite hit the mark.

Key Points

  • Detroit Tigers broadcast team ranked last with a score of 1.55 in Awful Announcing's annual MLB local broadcaster rankings.
  • The current team, consisting of Matt Shepard, Kirk Gibson, and Craig Monroe, has yet to win the hearts of viewers and received a common grade of “C.”
  • The decline in rankings started after the departure of the popular Mario Impemba and Rod Allen duo.
  • Building a successful broadcast team requires chemistry, wit, and charm, which the current team appears to be lacking.
  • Improvement is essential to provide fans with an engaging and enjoyable baseball-watching experience.

Bottom Line: Should a Change be Made?

As we continue to support the Detroit Tigers through thick and thin, we can only hope that the organization takes these rankings seriously and seeks to improve the broadcast team. Engaging and enjoyable broadcasting can add so much to the overall baseball-watching experience, and we know that Tigers fans deserve nothing less.


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