Detroit Tigers: Drew Hutchison is another overachieving arm in 2022

The Detroit Tigers have gotten a ton of production from unlikely pitchers. After injuries have ravaged their rotation and created a plethora of issues for the team's pitching staff, they have been able to still get solid outings. It's been a “next-man-up” mentality for the team's rotation and the bullpen at times.

One of the players that the Detroit Tigers have gotten a solid performance out of  Drew Hutchison in 2022 as a starter and a reliever. He's been able to come in and be the guy they needed in multiple situations. Whether it's a spot start or relief appearance, he's been one of the guys who gets it done.

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It's been a tough season for injuries, and the Tigers have had to adjust. It's hard to keep drawing on arms and expecting the new guys to still be churning out good performances. They are pretty low down the depth chart, for starters, and it just feels like everyone they keep calling on gets it done.

Hutchison's performance is one of the ones that stand out. He's been solid, and there's no doubt about it. Getting the job done when called upon, providing a spot start, or coming on in relief when needed. The Tigers are seeing him overachieve, and his latest start was just another example of that.

Detroit Tigers seeing Drew Hutchison overachieve in 2022.

The Detroit Tigers fell to the San Francisco Giants, but Hutchison provided another excellent start for the organization. He started the game, giving the Tigers five innings, allowing four hits, leading to just one run overall. He walked two and punched out three opposing hitters.

Another quality start for Hutchison, who continues to deliver solid performances. While the end result was a sour one, Hutchison did what was expected of him and provided Detroit with another great start this season, full of unexpected starts. Hutchison has pitched in 21 games now, 11 of them being starts with ten relief appearances.

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He has accumulated 71 innings of work with 45 strikeouts to his credit. Following the start against the Giants, Hutchison has produced a 4.06 ERA and a 1.45 WHIP. It's been a solid performance where he has routinely gotten the job done for the Tigers when they call upon him.

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He's been able to keep getting outs and pitching efficiently. It's been exactly what the Tigers needed. He's been an exceptional option for the Tigers, which is something many would not have expected to be a label for Hutchison.

However, the right-handed pitcher has been another one of the arms who continues to get it done. He's been reliable, and the Tigers have been counting on reliable arms to get the job done this season. Hutchison is just another one of the arms who has been a solid addition to the crop of unlikely performers.

The Tigers have to hope that Hutchison will finish the season strong for this team, whether in the rotation or out of the bullpen. They have to be hoping for him to provide quality performances each time.

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