Detroit Tigers fans are going to LOVE what AJ Hinch just said about SS Javier Baez [Video]

The Detroit Tigers needed a shortstop and now they have one as the team made it official on Wednesday that they have signed Javier Baez.

Many Tigers fans are upset that the team did not pony up and pay what will likely be well over $30 million per season for Carlos Correa but following Wednesday’s announcement about Baez, manager AJ Hinch said some things that should put some people at ease.

“He’s a player that quite honestly shows up every single day to beat you,” AJ Hinch said Javier Baez and his fire are a ‘perfect fit’ for the Tigers. “If you’re not in our dugout, he’s against you. That competitive character he brings is something we’ve been trying to build.”

To be honest, if Hinch loves him some Baez, we may want to give this a chance.

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