Detroit Tigers fans have been lied to

A.J. believes the wool was pulled over the eyes of Detroit Tigers fans, and they were lied to about the rebuild.

Someone needs to be called on the carpet.

Detroit Tigers
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Detroit Tigers' fans have been lied to

A.J. Reilly: We've been lied to as fans by the Detroit Tigers.

If you remember back to the beginning of the 2022 baseball season, there was hope. A belief that building off of a 77 and 85 season in 2021. A team that played with swagger, that always felt like they were in the game even if they came up short. We've been lied to and we've been lied to by the man in charge.

Because there was an interview that was done where the owner of the Detroit Tigers was asked, is the rebuild over? And his answer is a hundred percent yes. I got news for you. If the rebuild's over, why do we have the worst offense in baseball?

Why do we have a pitching staff that is thin to the point of breaking, snapping as highlighted by the series with Chicago? We have been lied to and we deserve better. The Detroit Tigers have some of the best fans in all of baseball, but yet this is the product this rebuild has got for us?

This is the product that we have to look forward to. If the rebuild is over, that's unacceptable. It's unacceptable. And we talk about them taking pride in being a major league baseball player.

How about we take pride in putting a major league baseball team on the field. Look, after this three-game series, somebody should be looking for a new job. You can blame Hinch. Okay. He can only do what he can do with what he's been given. You could blame the hidden coach, Coolbaugh.

There's one person responsible for this roster. There's one person that started a rebuild by trading a very hot commodity in JD Martinez for three players. One of whom was 18 and is still very low in the minor leagues. And two others who aren't even in baseball anymore, or who have bounced around a lot, no longer with the Detroit Tigers. 

A guy who traded the face of our franchise, Justin Verlander for a couldn't miss right-handed pitcher who missed. For a right fielder in Daz Cameron who unfortunately was playing well and then landed on the COVID list. But he hasn't been a world-beater.

And for a catching prospect that, hopefully, can build on what he did last year. And yes, he went down with an injury. So the verdict's still out on him a little bit. 

But you gotta point the finger at a guy who unloaded all of these assets. And what do we have to show for? What we had to show for him, is a roster that's built and has the worst offense in all of baseball.

I've been stewing on this. If you can't tell, I've been stewing on this for a while. And there was a point in time when I hosted a show with my buddy called Straight Shootin’ that I said, we need to tap the brakes and see on this Al Avila thing. How things have worked out.

Guess what? I ain't tapping the brakes anymore. If this is the product that this arduous and painful rebuild has brought us, it's unacceptable. And Al Avila that lies squarely on your shoulders. And Chris Ilitch, you allowed it. Maybe you don't know what you're doing.

I don't know. I don't wanna sit here and judge from a position because I'm not in your seat, but I know that this product that is on the field right now is entirely unacceptable.

And the fans of the Detroit Tigers deserve better. So, Al and Chris here's my final word. Do better. Be better because this is entirely unacceptable.

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